How To Have a Monogamous Relationship

Couples who started from casual dating that lead to a serious relationship usually have a mutual agreement to be exclusive to each other in all aspects – especially regarding their sexual relationship. They agree to have a monogamous relationship, wherein they are to date no other person but each other. This leads to marriage, and most cultures do practice monogamy in marriage.

Being in a monogamous relationship has a lot of advantages: you are secure emotionally and you know that your partner loves only you; you are safe in terms of health because there is a very small chance of having sexually transmitted disease, except when one or both of you are not practicing proper hygiene; and if you share your material possessions and money with each other, being in a monogamous relationship assures you that your possessions and wealth are safe. However, some people slip into polygamy mainly because they are no longer happy or satisfied with their current relationship, and  that what is lacking, they find in another person. If you want to maintain a monogamous relationship, you should work on it and have the discipline and responsibility to avoid slipping into polygamy, at all costs.

  • It is best for you and your partner to share the same values and dreams. If you do, you will always be supportive and encouraging to your partner, and vice versa. This will strengthen your relationship and will prevent you from being discouraged. When one is feeling insecure or unsatisfied, that person will try to find satisfaction somewhere else.
  • Always remain faithful. Keep your promises and do not engage in anything that will cost your partner’s trust. Faithfulness and trust go hand in hand. It may be challenging at times, but if it makes it easier. Imagine how you will feel if your partner is unfaithful. Of course you do not want that kind of pain. Show your love and respect by saving your partner from the same pain.
  • Fidelity is more of an “inside job”. It is something you should work on yourself, no matter what the personality of your partner is. It is a matter of having a good character, and a strong one. You have your set of values and you stick by it despite of the presence of temptations and false promises of sexual gratification and escape from marital problems.
  • Always be truthful. It is difficult to live a double life and if you start dating other people without leaving the supposed monogamous relationship, you are bound to hurt a lot of people in the process. It all boils down to whether you want to pursue the relationship or move on to a new one. Whatever you decide, it is best to stay monogamous.
  • Spend time together and communicate openly. A lot of people believe that long distance relationships are bound to fail because the couple does not have time to be physically together and spend intimate moments. Although some couples were able to maintain a strong monogamous relationship despite the distance, it is done so with much work, and open and constant communication.


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