How To Have a Non Traditional Wedding

If you’re planning your wedding, you may be thinking you want something a little unconventional. If you and your groom aren’t the type to don formal white outfits and walk down the aisle, you can have a non-traditional wedding to express your personalities.

Who says you need to have a cookie cutter wedding? If you want something different, go ahead and do it your way. Here are some ideas for you to consider if you want to have a non-traditional wedding.

  • Go with a unique engagement ring. If you’re not a diamonds kind of girl, have your man choose a different type of precious rock for you. Perhaps a family heirloom or something sapphire, emerald or other precious stone can be used as an engagement ring.
  • Have a destination wedding. Do you love the beach? Is there a special vacation place you love? Do you like the mountains? Gather twenty of your closet family and friends, get on a plane and get married in your favorite locale. If you go to another country, you can even get married following the local customs of the place. If you go to Thailand, have a traditional Thai wedding, complete with the Balinese Royal wedding treatment.
  • Get married somewhere different. Some people get married while skydiving. Others do it underwater. Perhaps you’d like to say your I do’s in a farm or in a park. You don’t need to get married in church or in a courthouse. As long as there’s a man of the cloth or justice of the peace, two willing individuals and a witness, you’re set to go. Some people get married in the dessert. If you have an exotic location, your wedding pictures will surely be something memorable.
  • Have a theme wedding. A fun way to inject some personality in a wedding is to make it a theme wedding. For example, you can make it a retro 60’s wedding and have guests come with beehive hair and shift dresses. You can also go with a Hawaiian Luau wedding or a Prince and Princess Fairytale wedding complete with horse drawn carriage. It’s a great way to play up your fantasy for your special day.
  • Don’t get married by a priest. Get a rabbi, judge, mayor or female pastor to do it. If you’re on a ship, have the Captain of the ship do it. It’s legal as long as you have the proper documentation and the officiating pastor, captain or rabbi is within his jurisdiction.
  • Ask for charitable donations in lieu of presents. Support your favorite charity by having your guests make a contribution in your name instead of wrapping you a present. Have your guests plant a tree if you want something environmental. It’s a thoughtful and socially conscious way to start your marriage to each other. By thinking of others, you let your guests know what a generous, thoughtful and concerned couple you are.

Whether you decide to have a big wedding extravaganza, or you want something small and intimate, keep in mind that the point of the wedding is so start your wedded life together as man and wife. As long as you love each other and promise to stay committed, then it doesn’t really matter what type of wedding you have.


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