How To Have a Relationship with a Shy Girl

If the apple of your eye happens to be a little shy, you may have a difficult time getting along. However, if you feel drawn to this person inspite of her reserved and quiet demeanor, it is still possible to have a relationship with the person as long as you are willing to pursue it.

If you happen to have a more outgoing and aggressive personality, you can make a relationship with a shy girl work. Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

  • Consider her overall personality. You need to assess if you have other things in common. Opposites do attract so determine if the shyness doesn’t have to be an impediment to having a relationship. Even if she’s shy, you need to see if you have other things going on that can sustain the relationship. For example, are you attracted to her sense of humor or does her quiet nature give you a feeling of calm? Check and see what her other qualities are that you like.
  • Be willing to be the more aggressive person of the partnership. If your girl is naturally shy, it may fall on your shoulders to try to push the boundaries. You may have to be the one to constantly think of activities that you can do together that you will both enjoy. You may need to balance quiet walks in the park with enough social gatherings to keep you both happy.
  • Support her in her shy moments. When you walk into a party together, avoid leaving your girl behind, especially if it’s a room full of strangers. You may need to help navigate the social waters together so you can get through social situations. Rather than being critical of her shyness and selectiveness with people, perhaps you can help draw her out by providing a secure environment when she goes out so it will be easier for her to warm up to other people.
  • Don’t try to change her. It’s not your job to try and overhaul her personality. Unless she wants to, you have to accept the person for who she is. If you like this person, then you have to be willing to accept that she may not be as outgoing as you are, and that’s ok. If she feels that she wants to grow and be more open with others, be supportive, but don’t pressure her if she’s not willing or ready. She’ll only resent you for it.
  • Watch out for non-verbal cues. If your girl isn’t physically affectionate especially in public, then you need to be mindful of other ways that she communicates with you. For example, if she leans forward and stays close to you during the evening, it means she likes you and feel secure with you. When you first meet and she shyly smiles at you and looks away, test the waters and see what happens when you approach her.
  • Use humor. Joke around with her. Humor can be a great way to make someone feel more comfortable around you. If it takes your girl some time to warm up to you, go ahead and try and make her laugh in a non embarrassing way.

Shy girls can be really sweet once you get to know them. Oftentimes, it simply takes for you to make the first move and be a little encouraging to get a response. You can have a great relationship with a shy girl if you know how to go about it.


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