How To Have a Super Bowl Party for Your Kids

The Super Bowl happens every February and it is one of the things that adults look forward to watching. However kids also enjoy watching football and have favorite players too. It is a fun idea to hold a super bowl party for your kids and their friends as a way to get together and have some fun. It will be great if you can have a party for both the adults and the kids to ensure that everyone will have a great time. Here are some tips.

  1. Plan where you want to hold your party.  A large living room that can accommodate more that ten adults and kids will be fine. Otherwise think about holding the party in your garage or yard. You have to consider how you are going to set you your television it you are going to hold the party out of your living room.
  2. The party need not be too large. You have to consider that this will be during the evening, so parents should also be invited to keep watch over their kids while enjoying the game. Make a list of the friends your kids want to invite and talk to the parents if they are willing to allow their children to come. Narrow down your list as you make the calls.
  3. Prepare the invitations. You can buy football-inspired invitation cards from the stationery shop or craft store. You can also make them on your own. There are plenty of free football clipart and pictures that you can download from the internet to make your football-themed invitations. There are also stickers that you can buy. Green stock cards would make an ideal background for your invitations. Encourage the kids to come in their favorite football team jerseys.
  4. Make a list of the food items that you will serve to your guests. Traditional foods include buffalo wings, beer and hotdog sandwiches for adults. The kids could have a variety of snack food items. You can serve sodas, nachos and dips, potato chips, crispy chicken wings, barbecue, pizza cut in small squares and other finger foods for the kids. You can also make chocolate cookies shaped as footballs decorated with white icing to resemble the football stitching.  
  5. Decorate your living room or your garage with football-inspired decor like buntings, ribbons, small streamers and balloons. A green tablecloth will keep you in your theme, with brown accents. Provide plenty of disposable cups and plates as well as paper napkins and wet wipes.
  6. Organize parlor games for halftime entertainment. You can have a football trivia game or a cheerleading competition involving girls and boys. You can also just let them engage in some football throw-and-catch game during halftime. Make sure that everyone goes home with a gift after the super bowl party. Keep the kids entertained with a mini-treasure hunt game for football-inspired items.
  7. Plan on making some noise (hence the need to invite the neighbors). Provide whistles and noise makers for the kids that they can use while watching the game of during the halftime entertainment. You can make noise makers by putting small bells, beans and seeds or small pebbles inside empty glass or plastic bottles and seal them. Use stickers as decorations to the noise makers.   

Provide healthy snacks for the kids. Do not serve food that is rich in sugar and starch that will make the kids hyperactive. They do need to go to bed after attending a great super bowl party. 


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