How To Have an Attractive Personality

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An attractive personality means different things to different people, as attractiveness is subjective.  However, if your goal is to be attractive to the most number of people, you have to love yourself.  A healthy love of self creates the attitudes and behavior that other people find irresistible. 

  1. Love yourself.  Easier said than done.  Some people live their entire lives hating themselves for several reasons, and one of these may be that they haven't gotten the approval and admiration of other people.   Don't be one of those people who have lived their lives at the mercy of other people's opinions.  Accept yourself and rejoice in the life and the freedom that you've been given.  If you have to work on loving yourself, do so everyday.  Discover yourself and appreciate the traits and gifts that you have.  If there are things you don't want in yourself, challenge yourself and improve them.  Never be dependent on other people for your happiness, or you'll become their slave.
  2. Be strong.  Don't be afraid to be rejected, belittled or ignored.  Take confidence in the fact that you are the designer of your own self-esteem.  Always make your thoughts the leader and your emotion the follower.  Think strong thoughts and whenever you think about weakening thoughts, focus on your strong thoughts the more.  A strong mind overcomes obstacles and builds a strong character.  Let inner strength show through your gait, actions, and words.  Everyone loves personal strength.  Nobody is attracted to weakness, except abusers.
  3. Be happy.  Find true happiness, and carry it with you at all times.  Avoid being too happy with fleeting things, or you'll find that your happiness disappears when they do.   Find a lasting happiness that is equivalent with spirituality.  If you don't believe in spirituality, believe in yourself.  Be happy with yourself, no matter how much you change or how much things change around you.  Share your happiness with others by having a positive attitude and a knack for seeing the good in every situation.  Emotions are contagious; if you are happy, so will the people around you be, and they'll love your presence.
  4. Be kind.  Kindness begets kindness.  Do good to other people because it is the right thing to do.  Avoid insincerity when helping other people, unless you are a master deceiver.  People recognize liars and users.  If you want people to like you, help them because you want to, not because you'll get something out of it.  If you focus more on others instead of yourself, you'll become less insecure and more productive.
  5. Be pleasant.  This means having good manners, looking neat, and dressing appropriately; anything that pleases others and makes them think that you have good taste.  Be informed about the proper way to take care of your body and image.  Seek the services of an image consultant if necessary.
  6. Be smart.  People are attracted to intelligent people who balance knowledge with application and compassion.  Be well-read, hone your mental skills, and use your brain power to solve problems and help others.  Never be a braggart, unless you want to attract enemies or insecure people.
  7. Be talented.  Talent distinguishes you from people and provokes admiration.  Hone your talents and show them to the world.  Always be humble, as everyone has a special talent of their own.
  8. Be entertaining.  Make people feel good, and they'll always want to be with you.  People may be entertained by your skills, smarts, looks, and insights.  They may be entertained by your mere presence.  Show your appreciation of other people by entertaining them, and they'll like you back.
  9. Be efficient and effective.  People like those who get things done.  Let it be you.  Leadership is a trait of an effective person, as well as good communication and organization skills.  Develop the things that make a person do a good job, and people will always seek you.

Having an attractive personality is hard work but the benefits are endless.  Keep it up.  You'll notice your attractiveness increasing gradually and dramatically as the days go by.


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