How To Have Sex Appeal

What do Daniel Craig, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt have in common? These beautiful boys we all love are sure to turn any of our heads not just by their looks alone but their unmatched sex appeal. If you want to bag men of this caliber, you have to match the same sex appeal that they exude.

That is how Angelina Jolie got Brad Pitt from our not-so-favorite friend, Rachel, otherwise known as Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston may be prettier than Angelina Jolie in some circles but there is something none can dispute. She has way more sex appeal fully clothed than Jennifer Aniston in the buff.

So get ready ladies because here are some simple steps to boost your sex appeal. Follow these simple steps and you may be next on Brad's list.  Unless I get to him first!

  1. Look as good as you can be. This goes without saying, but looking good has its own perks. Looking beautiful shoots your confidence up. What is important in increasing your sex appeal is your feeling. If you feel beautiful, you’re as sexy as you feel. And that shows.  This also works to bring out the person you feel you are inside. Nobody is perfect but we can at least put our best foot forward. Looking good just brings out the best in you, but you must always know your true value. This brings us to the next step.
  2. Confidence. Looking good can only get you so far. You will still have to rely on what is inside. Be confident in your qualities. Believing in one’s self is sexy.  Another thing, you can’t sell what you don’t believe in. Know what your finer points are so as to use it to your advantage.
  3. Connect. Throw your inhibitions out the door.  Guys like girls that can carry themselves well. Have fun meeting new people.  If you are normally a wallflower, practice in front of a mirror at your home. The better you are at conversing, the more he will desire you.
  4. Flirt. This is a sure-fire way to catch your Prince Charming. Flirt your way to success. Just simply bat your lashes playfully while staying wide-eyed. Your eyes should say, “ I am interested and listening.”  Respond to him and smile.

Now that you know how to have sex appeal, set your sights on the man you want. Then, unleash your black magic on him.  Cast your spell on him and he will be forever yours. "If it is Brad Pitt you have your hopes on, I’m sorry he’s already mine. Tough luck!!!" Angelina.


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