How To Help Baby's Brain Develop During the First 6 Months

Babies are like sponges. They soak up anything and everything that experience. It is not fair to say that babies (and kids) don’t know anything. On the contrary, they are quick learners whose appetite for knowledge is boundless.

As a parent of a new born baby, you can help develop not only her body but her brain as well. It is not only your right but it is your privilege as her parent. Find out the different ways that you can help your little bundle of joy develop her brain during her first six months.

  1. Read her books. Reading her age appropriate books can develop her vocabulary, listening skills and attention span. Point to the pictures on the pages of the books and repeatedly say the names of the objects and people on the pictures.
  2. Provide her with toys. Give her age appropriate toys that can help her develop not only her visual acuity but also her sense of touch and ability to grip and manipulate things. Rattles and squeaky toys are great because it will make a sound when she waves it about. When buying toys always make sure that it is not made with toxic materials and that it does not break easily.
  3. Develop her sense of smell, taste and touch. Allow your baby to smell different odors and scents. Let her sniff a flower (make sure though that she has no allergies to pollen) or an aromatic fruit. Let her taste different types of pureed vegetables. Allow your child to touch different textures and temperatures, within reason of course. Your baby’s safety should be at the top of your mind so don’t let her feel something that is too hot or too cold or touch something that can hurt her like sharp objects.
  4. Converse with her normally. Most people like to say cute things and go into baby talk mode when they are in the presence of babies. Although this is okay, it is also good for your baby to hear you speak naturally. This exposes her to different words and tones of your voice. You can easily develop her vocabulary early by using the proper terms when referring to certain items. Make sure to look at your baby when you speak to her so she can see the different reactions on your face.
  5. Touch, cuddle and hug her lovingly. Babies love to be touched. Gently massage your baby from top to toe. Kiss her lovingly and tell her what she means to you. Hug her so she can feel the warmth of your body and the security that your loving arms bring.
  6. Play music and sing to her. Music stimulates the brain and can stir up feelings in a person of any age. Have soft music playing before she sleeps and happy music when she is up and about. When you sing to her, perform actions with your hands that she can see.
  7. Play peek-a-boo with her. This is one classic game that is enjoyed by babies and little children alike. This hide-and-seek game is a fun and safe way to get a reaction from your baby and start making her think.

Your baby’s brain development is in your hands. Encourage your baby to learn by giving her age appropriate toys, reading to her, exposing her to different sounds, smells, tastes and feelings. Talk to her both lovingly and in a normal fashion. Best of all, spoil her with hugs and kisses to assure her that she is well loved.


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