How To Help Kids Deal with Sexual Abuse

It is not a hoax or hearsay that is to be shrugged about. Sexual abuse is really happening in the society and worse, it is affecting more families not only in America but elsewhere in the world. The factors that lead to the unfortunate occurrence of sexual abuse among kids have been subject to many studies. The results of these studies have been the bases for agencies and the society to do some measures to curb this social ill. Anyone can do something to help children in this plight. Here are ways on how to help  kids deal with sexual abuse:

  • Know how to detect when a child is being sexually abused. There are tell-tale signs that show sexual abuse. First, the child is withdrawn. She refuses to mingle with children her age and is somewhat frightened and nervous. She does not act as other normal children her age do. She is not cheerful and, though takes interest in play – seems to be reserved and often thoughtful. She can be sensitive too – that when touched, she tends to pull away, seemingly scared.
  • Evaluate the child’s condition based on the symptoms that you observe in her. Note down the unusual change in her attitude. Talk to her teachers and ask how she is behaving or interacting with her classmates.
  • Seek help from the Social Welfare agency. Get in touch with Child Protection Service in your area and invite them to assess the child’s condition. It is their job to give protection and extend assistance to abused children so they know what to do in these instances.
  • Bring the child to a doctor for medical examination. While doing this procedure, make sure you have the assistance of a police officer and a lawyer for proper medico-legal documentation and case evaluation.
  • Bring the child to a counselor. Make sure the counselor is a licensed psychologist specializing in children’s cases to ensure the child’s fast recovery and immediate healing. Remember however that counseling will not make the child forget her terrible experience. Counseling is just an aid to help the child cope better. The sexual abuse may cause the child to rebel, become self-destructive and delinquent. Through counseling she will be able to understand and handle her situation better. But the positive results of counseling do not come instantly. It may take time hence patience for both you and the child is a must.
  • If you are the parent of the child, seek counseling for yourself. It will not be easy for you to accept the fact that your child is a victim of sexual abuse, more so if the abuser is a family member.
  • Do not let go. Hold on to the child, no matter how difficult the road is for both you and her. Make her realize you are not going to abandon her and that you are willing to help all the way.
  • Let the law get the offender. Have the court prevent the offender from having any access to the child. If his guilt is proven, a jail sentence for the abuser is a welcome development so you and the child will be able to move on more easily.

An abused child is a very sensitive child. You should therefore take all precautions in dealing with her. Never show resentment, repulsion, blame or any negative reaction. Rescue her from a life of doom by being positive and supportive from the start until such time that she gains personal strength and has completely overcome the nightmare she has been in.


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