How To Help Teenagers Stop Smoking Pot

A lot of teenagers engage in drug use, and one of the most commonly abused substances amongst teens is pot. There are a lot of people who know teenagers who smoke pot, but are usually uncomfortable about dealing with situation or talking about the problem. This, however, makes the teens feel as if what they are doing is implicitly allowed. If you want to curb the pot smoking habit of teens, here are some ways for you to help them.

  • Reasons. Before anything else, you should try to understand the reasons why the teenager has started smoking pot in the first place. There are a number of reasons why teens smoke marijuana, such as because of peer pressure, curiosity, depression, or even full blown addiction. Before you can tackle the drug problem, you should first identify the root source of the problem. If the teen is depressed and has turned to drug use as a way to alleviate his situation, for instance, simply telling the teen to stop smoking pot without addressing the underlying reasons for the drug use will not do anything. As much as you disapprove of the drug habits of the teen, you should also try to be understanding.
  • Legality. Next, tell the teen about the legal effects of smoking marijuana and being caught with marijuana. Tell your teen that a drug use record can impair his chances of getting a good job or getting into a good school in the future. Also, being caught selling drugs can also lead to many years in imprisonment. Make sure, however, that you do not threaten to tell on the teen yourself. This will only make you look like an enemy, and will make it much more difficult for the teen to confide in you and actually listen to your advice and the help that you are offering.
  • Health. Next, consider the various health effects of smoking pot. Just like cigarettes, smoking pot damages the tissues in the lungs. There are also carcinogenic compounds in pot that can cause cancer in the long run. Most importantly, there are addictive properties in pot that can make it very difficult for teens to quit smoking pot once they have gotten used to it. Apart from the physiological addiction, most teens also develop psychological addiction to pot that makes it harder for the teen to part with the pot-smoking habit.
  • Disapproval. While you should try to be understanding, to an extent, you should also make sure that the teen understands that you do not condone the use of drugs. Show the teen that you are willing to help, but that you expect results and that you expect the teen to stop using drugs.
  • Professional help. If all else fails, you should consider getting help from rehabilitation officers who can provide the teenager with counseling to help him stay off the drugs. Apart from counseling and rehabilitation, you can also enroll the teen in support groups for teens that have a drug problem.

With these steps, you should be able to help teenagers stop smoking pot. It will be difficult, especially if the teen has been smoking pot for quite some time. With patience and effort, however, you should be able to see improvement in the teen after some time.


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