How To Help Your Child Swallow a Pill

When Liquid Medication Isn't Available

Swallowing a pill is not an easy task for anyone. While some adults may have a smaller throat, it is especially difficult to give a pill to a young child. Now try that with a child who becomes distressed or ends up having a full blown panic attack just at the thought of having to swallow a pill. Even worse, this situation can become a nightmare for both parents and child if this medication has to be given on a daily basis, as it is the case for Epilepsy. About a year ago, I found a way to solve it all!

This simple procedure can be used with both young children and adults; it is fast, efficient and makes any pill easy to swallow, while delivering the full medicinal effects of the given medication. Follow these simple steps!

  1. Change the taste of it! Use the beverage of your choice to disguise the taste of the pill with the one of your favorite drinks or the one that your child likes best. Clear, translucid or transparent liquids work better!
  2. Pour it! Pour enough beverage to slightly cover the bottom of a glass. The amount should be the size of a mouth full.
  3. Dissolve it! Put the pill in the liquid until it is fully dissolved.
  4. Use a syringe! Use a plastic syringe without a needle. This device will allow you to vacuum as much liquid and dissolved pill as possible without the air.
  5. Open wide! Have your child open up his or her mouth and quickly push the liquid in. You can also do it slowly, according to the child's preference.

Another option is to crush and mix a pill with some soft foods such as apple sauce or pudding. Like a drink, soft foods will disguise the bitter taste of a pill and prevent the displeasure of an after taste.

If you are unsure about these methods, as you may wonder if the pill's benefits are diluted in any way, it would be wise to consult eitheir with your doctor or a pharmacist. A consultation with both may reassure you even more. That is what I did with my children's physician. You can also ask about a liquid form of the medication since some are also available that way, such as Valproic Acid for Epilepsy. This way, you can be assured of the full benefits of the medication.

As you can see, there are ways to solve the problem and avoid a nightmare! Believe me, when you have hypersensitive issues like my children have, the fastest way to get rid of this chore, the better. The liquified medicine is easy to swallow and has no aftertaste or bad taste since it's changed by the favorite beverage. It is fast and easy! Why not simplify a chore? You can now considered your problem SOLVED!


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