How To Hint for a Kiss from a Guy

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Once you have your eye on a guy, it can be difficult to let him know what you want. If you are seeking a kiss, you may want to send him hints. Follow these tips and you can send a signal to let the guy know you are hinting for a kiss.

  1. Watch him for signs of nerves. Pay attention to the guy you’re interested in. His body language may show he is nervous or just waiting for a hint from you before he makes his move.
  2. Start with small touches. Don’t just jump straight to kissing. Start with small touches--brush his arm or hold his hand. Let him know you are interested in getting closer.
  3. Get his attention. He cannot take a hint unless he knows you are sending it. Be sure you have his attention. This doesn’t mean dressing sexy or throwing yourself at him. Talk to him. Notice if he listens to you when you talk.
  4. Smile at him. Be friendly. Smiles let him know you are interested.
  5. Focus on him. When you are looking for his attention, make sure you are giving him yours. Watch his face and look him in the eye when you listen to him talk. Occasionally glance at his lips when he is speaking. Your eye movement lets him know where your thoughts are heading.
  6. Slowly lick your lips while watching his. For many girls, this comes naturally when you are thinking about kissing. You want him to kiss you and it shows when you lick your lips. When his eyes shift to focus on your mouth, he is getting the hint.
  7. Start with a hug. Some guys won’t just lean in and press their lips to yours. Start slower. Greet him with a hug or end your first date by pulling him close in an embrace but just touching your cheek to his. Let him decide if he wants to move in with a kiss after having you in his arms.
  8. Lean in. You’ve shared a few hugs and some handholding with your guy, but he hasn’t taken it further. Focus on him, then lean in toward him. He should take the hint once you are leaning his way.

Remember that some guys are too nervous to make the move. If you’re sure he’s willing, you may have to make the first move. If you aren’t sure, then stick with these tips and send him a few hints.


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