How To Hire a Non-Religious Wedding Officiant

For people that are not affiliated with any religious institution or for couples that have different beliefs, getting married can be done by a non-religious officiant is the way to go. Considering that most people have their own religious beliefs, non-religious weddings is becoming more and more popular. If you are looking to get married in a non-religious way, then here are some tips on how to get yourself a non-religious officiant to finalize your vows as husband and wife.

  • Talk with your fiancé. This wedding option should be discussed in detail with your fiancé. Sit down and really discuss this option. If you and your future hubby have different beliefs, then you can both come to a compromise by having a non-religion affiliated wedding. This way, the wedding will be equal on both sides and beliefs will not become a misunderstanding later on during the wedding.
  • Get a judge to marry you. The most popular non-religious officiant you can get is a judge. Most people looking to get hitched quickly usually opt for a judge to preside the event. It’s easy and can be processes at the same time as you apply for the marriage license. The clerk that will process the marriage license for you should have all the details for this wedding option.
  • Get the mayor to marry you. Another officiant that you can tap is the city or town mayor who is recognized as a legal officiant for any marriage. Visit the city hall and register for the ceremony. This may take some time though since you will need your marriage license first and you will need to consider the schedule of the mayor. You can opt to have a notary preside if the mayor is unavailable.
  • Get a friend to marry you. Some states allow regular, non-clergy people to officiate in a wedding. This can be done by having your friend apply for a special license to enable legal officiating of marriages. The license may require a short immersion and training in the process. Many people like this idea since they can have a close friend preside, which will mean that you can have a more intimate ceremony.
  • Get a captain to marry you. Ship captains are legally recognized as wedding officiants. Of course, this is only legal if the ceremony is held on a ship that is floating on water. Some cruise agencies will even offer the service to those couples wanting a non-religious cruise wedding ceremony. Make sure to inquire about these. Any official ship captain will do actually for as long as the paper work is ready.
  • Get a clergy member to marry you. This option is not normal but is still a viable option. Licensed clergy members such as pastors and priest may perform non-religious wedding ceremonies if they agree to it. Normally, they will not but you should be able to persuade a few of the more liberal clergy members to officiate.

Remember that a non-religious wedding cannot be held in a church, temple, or synagogue since the clergy will probably not allow it. On this note, limit your ceremony to non-religious venues.


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