How To Hire a Photographer for Your Wedding

Choosing a wedding photographer for your wedding is one of the most important choices for the bride and groom and their families.  It is essential to pick someone who will provide you with the best photos of this special day, because these will be your only visual record of your wedding. Years after the day, you, families, and friends will view these photos and remember the day you were married.

Finding a wedding photographer takes some time, and it is important to interview them extensively before making a decision on whom to hire. The best place to start looking for a photographer is through your friends and family, especially those who have been married recently. Once you build a list of photographers, then it is time to interview them to see which photographers best meet your tastes, personality, and budget. Ask for multiple references, both good and bad, and follow up on them.

Interviewing wedding photographers is easy, and the best of them are used to the process.

  1. The first thing to do is to talk to the photographers on your list. Call or email them, if they answer promptly that is a good sign that they are easy to reach. 
  2. Ask if they will be available for the day of your wedding, and ask them how they normally work during an average wedding.
  3. Some example questions to ask include when do they start, what kinds of pictures and poses do they recommend, do they do candid shots, and what kind of photos do they take during the ceremony. 
  4. Make a list of each photographer's questions so that you can sit down with your partner to compare and choose the best one based on their answers.

This process will help you narrow down your list to two or three wedding photographers.

Once you narrow down your list, make an appointment to meet the photographers. Remember, personality is not an indicator of what kind of photos they’ll take, so ask to see their work. They should be willing to discuss prices with you and offer solutions to fit your budget.

Finally, flexibility is important in a wedding photographer, if they are not willing to work with you when they’re trying to get your business, the chances of them being flexible on the day of your wedding is almost zero. The last thing you want is someone that will aggravate you on your big day.


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