How To Host a Bridal Shower Open House

In the past, bridal showers were done while following a strict schedule and program. This means that the guests should arrive at a particular time and should follow a particular program. Today, however, you also have the option of hosting an open house bridal shower. With an open house bridal shower, you allow your guests to come into the celebration any time they want. This is perfect if you have plenty of friends who have busy and hectic schedules. Here’s how you can host your own.

  • Set the time and theme. First of all, you need to set the time and date for the activity. Look into your calendar and try to look for the day that is most accessible to all. If possible, schedule the bridal shower open house during a weekend. Doing this will allow more people to come, especially people who usually have work on weekdays. And although the bridal shower is considered open house, and although people can come and go, you should still set a general time. For instance, the house will open at nine o’ clock in the morning, and will close at nine in the evening. Just because the bridal shower is open house does not mean that people should drop by at 5 in the morning, or late at night.
  • Send invitations. Next, make a list of all the people that you plan on inviting.  After you have listed them all down, open your computer and then create the invitations yourself. You can download pre-formatted invitations from the Internet, or you can also search for images from websites and use these for your invitations.
  • Guest book. During the actual day of the bridal shower open house, set up a registration table in front of the house. Place a guest book on the table and allow everyone to sign. As much as possible, have someone sit down at the registration table, so that the person can also note the type of gifts that the guests brought in. you will use the guest book later on as a reference for the thank you notes that you will write.
  • Music. During the bridal shower open house, you need to make sure that there is ambient music playing in the background. Before the bridal shower itself, you should have already created the playlist and burned it into a CD. Once you have the CD, all you need to do is pop the CD into the music player and set it on repeat.
  • Food. Make sure that you have drinks and food throughout the entire day. Usually, all you need are some finger foods, especially if you do not plan on setting a formal lunch or a formal dinner. But make sure that you have enough finger foods to last the entire day, and that there is enough variety to keep the guests satisfied.
  • Gift opening. One of the most exciting parts of the bridal shower is the gift opening. Because people will not all be present during the gift giving, schedule several sessions throughout the day. You can open gifts twice in the morning, and twice in the afternoon, for example. Always make sure that you open the first gifts first, so that the gift givers will still likely be present at the bridal shower as you open their gifts.

With these steps, you should be able to successfully host an open house bridal shower.


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