How To Host a Couples Wedding Shower

The traditional wedding shower involves having a separate party for the bride and the groom. However, there is now more modern way of holding a wedding shower. It involves both the bride and groom in the party. Hosting this kind of event can be beneficial, not only to the organizer but for the groom and bride as well. Aside from its being timesaving, it is also a cost-efficient way of wishing the bride and groom a healthy marriage. If you are thinking of hosting your friend or relatives a couple’s wedding shower, you can follow the tips below.

  • Choose a theme. Planning a couple’s wedding shower is no fun without the proper theme. Select a theme not according to your preference but according to what the couples-to-be want. Ask them what they like to do best together. Remember that you are having a “couple’s” wedding shower. Although wedding showers are common for the brides-to-be, you may want to make the groom more comfortable. You can do this by setting up a theme that guys would feel comfortable with.
  • Coordinate with the bride and groom. As mentioned, it is necessary that you ask both the bride and groom their opinion for the party’s theme. However, the party theme is not the only thing that you should coordinate with the bride and groom. You must organize every aspect of the party for the bride and groom-to-be. It is essential that you do this. You do not want to disappoint the guests of honor by planning something that they will not really like.
  • Venue, time and date. When hosting a couple’s wedding shower, it is imperative that you set the venue, time and date appropriately. As for the date and time of the party, you must set it so that is convenient for both the bride and groom. Weekend nights are the most convenient for most couples-to-be. You should also take note of the timing for giving out the invitations and the reservation of the venue.
  • Wedding shower program. The program is also an essential part of the wedding shower preparation. You need a program that is both fun and memorable. Prepare wedding shower games for the couples. You may find a lot of fun activities ideas on the Internet. Music is also important. This will help set the mood of the party.
  • Party favors! Thank the guests with party favors. A small token to show appreciation for the guests would be nice. You may also want to give the guests of honor special tokens. This may serve as a way of welcoming them to the new chapter in their lives.

These are some helpful tips on how host a couple’s wedding shower. If you are hosting a couple’s weddings shower, you might want to have someone help you. Hosting this kind of event may be stressful. But if you get the help from your friends, it will be much easier. It would also be better if you group the task accordingly. Have a group for each task.


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