How To Host a Doll Party for Little Girls

Do you remember the time when you were a little girl and you loved to play dolls? Almost all girls have undergone this stage. Dolls are huge hit for little girls. Using this as your inspiration for your child’s party can make your daughter’s party memorable. Hosting a doll party is easy. It is just like hosting a typical party. All you need to do is to incorporate the theme. If you are thinking of hosting a doll party for your daughter, follow the tips below.

  • Invitations. Hosting a doll party can also be a great way to show up your creativity. Instead of buying already-made invitations, you can create the invitations yourself. Try using a dollhouse shape for your invitation. You can also use paper dolls. If you are using these, you can also include a photo of your child to the paper dolls. You really do not have to spend a lot on this. Just be creative about it. Little girls love artworks. Turn the invitations into one. You may also ask the guests to bring their own doll for the party.
  • Program. Since this is a doll party, it would be nice to have each girl a doll. If they brought theirs, start the program by having each girl introduce their dolls. If the guests did not bring their dolls, you can just let them borrow some. Ask them to give the doll a new name and create a story about the doll. After the introduction, you can set up different games and activities that use dolls. See the next step for this. The last part of the program should include closing remarks and giving out of party tokens.
  • Games and activities. There are different games and activities you can do with a doll party. You can have the girls style the hair of the dolls. You can even have a doll making activity. Some popular activities include a tea party, musical chairs and picture taking. You may decide to have one activity only or have several. It is entirely up to you. Just make sure to maximize the time if you are having a single activity only.
  • Decorations. Decorating for a doll party is not that difficult. You just need to set up the place with display dolls, personalized banners and pastel colored balloons. You really do not have to spend a lot on this. You can just gather the art materials you find at your home. Use these to decorate the place. As for the display dolls, you can just gather up all the dolls in your house and arrange them neatly into place.
  • Party food. With regards to food selection, finger foods will do. Tiny sandwiches, fruits, honey roasted nuts, sherbet, cheese cubes and soda floats are good choices. You may also want to bake a cake for the party. You really do not have to buy the cake. Baking the cake will save you money. You can even customize the cake and create a doll cake for the party.

These are the things that you should think of when hosting a doll party. When hosting a party like this, you need to remember that your guests are all girls. Little girls love to be adorned. They most specially love the attention. As much as possible, make sure to attend to all the little girls. If you are having a doll-making activity, come and see every girl’s creation. This will make them enjoy the party more.


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