How To Host a Mediterranean Themed Bridal Shower

The Mediterranean evokes a landscape of azure seas, sun-bleached stone walls and coral roofs. There are several countries that surround the Mediterranean Sea and each has its unique colors and culture. For a bride who loves to travel and has a zest for adventure hosting a Mediterranean-themed bridal shower is a fitting gift. You can get a lot of inspiration by visiting the websites of each country. Some of these countries are Turkey, Greece, Malta, Italy, France, Monaco and Montenegro. Check out the tips below on how you can host a Mediterranean-themed bridal shower.

  • Choose the countries you want to use for your color schemes and inspiration for the bridal shower. Get familiar with the countries products that made them very well known. France is known for wonderful wines. Italy has their olive oil. Monaco is famous for their casinos as it is a playground for the rich and famous. Greece has its Mediterranean cuisine that has been a big hit outside of Greece.
  • When you have finalized your guest list plan the design for the shower invitation. You can download and print out the flags of the countries that you have chosen or use the flags of all the countries that comprise the Mediterranean group. Look for suitable wordings and include the date, time and place for the bridal shower. Encourage the guests to bring gifts that are Mediterranean-inspired. Mail the invitations weeks in advance as guests may find it difficult to look for Mediterranean-inspired gifts.
  • Plan the menu using a mix of foods from the chosen countries. Consider serving a Greek salad which is very filling. Include pita breads, seasoned beef and pork, lettuce and dips such as hummus and tzatziki. Do not forget olive oil and balsamic vinegar as dip for crusty bread. Include several types of cheese coming from Mediterranean countries as well as olives and crusty French breads. Do not forget the dessert. Serve pomegranate juice and wine from Spain, France or Greece.
  • Decorate the place in Mediterranean motif. Place plain white drapes on the walls and tie them with gold colored ropes. Print out a big map of the Mediterranean countries and include the flag for each country. Mount this in thick cardboard or thin Styrofoam and mounted on a covered shoe box. Use this as a centerpiece surrounded with stones, white sand, shells and flowers. Play a variety of music from different countries. Look for a CD of Spanish guitar music, French classical music, and Greek music. If you have a budget for a dance instructor, your guests will have a great time learning to dance the tango and other dances.
  • Budget for Mediterranean-inspired gifts for your guests. French bath salts and perfumed soaps, bottles of Spanish olives or chocolates are very good items to say thank you to all your guests.

Check various restaurants that specialize in Mediterranean cuisine. See if they have their own websites. You may have to order your food from them if you do not have the time or have a hard time finding some of the ingredients. If you have a flair for cooking there are several recipes that you can download from the web. Note that people in the Mediterranean love to drink cold water. Take in into consideration when you are planning the drinks list.


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