How To Host a Mexican Themed Bridal Shower

There are many things to consider when you are hosting a bridal shower. You have to consider the right time for everyone to be available, the bridal wedding shower theme, where to host the shower, the guest list, the invitations, the favors and the food to be serve. One thing you can do is to break out of tradition and make the bridal shower a Mexican-themed one. This is most applicable when the wedding is to be held in summer as Mexico evokes long days of sunshine.

  • Plan the bridal shower weeks in advance. Consult with everyone concerned as to what time would be ideal. A Mexican-themed bridal shower is fun to host outdoors. A backyard will be a good place to hold it.
  • Make a guest list. You have to decide on how many should be invited to the bridal shower. Consult the bride and groom for their own guest lists. If the mothers of the couple are going to be involved in the bridal shower it will be best to consult them too. Trim down the guest list when everyone has given his or her contribution.
  • Design a unique bridal shower invitation with Mexican designs or icons. A Mexican sombrero is a good item to use as invitation graphic. You can find them in craft stores or you can make your own by downloading icons and other Mexican inspired items such as cactuses, lizards and geckos. You can add some Mexican phrases and quotations related to weddings to make it more unique. Provide translations, though so that everyone understands what the phrases and quotations mean.
  • Research on Mexican cuisine and choose Mexican foods that are easy to prepare. Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, refried beans and spicy chicken wings are simple dishes that are filling. Do not forget to serve plenty of nachos and fresh salsa. Of course you should also have tequila in your drinks list.
  • Decorate the venue in a fiesta like atmosphere. Add buntings in Mexican colors – red, green and white. A Chihuahua figurine will make a very good centerpiece. A Mexican sombrero will also be a good thing to place on the table or on a wall. Coordinate this with tablecloths in red, green and white. Group together small clay pots and fill them with colorful flowers. Buy or borrow pots of different cactuses that you can use as table centerpieces. Clean the clay pots and leave them as it or wrap them in Mexican colors. Buy a piñata and fill it with fun souvenir items. Do not forget to prepare some CDs of Mexican music.
  • Plan some fun parlor games with Mexican-inspired prizes. Buy small bottles of tequila, enough for all the guests and add a sticker with the couple’s name, the occasion and date to the bottle to commemorate the event.

Search for Mexican-inspired items that can be used for prizes and keepsakes. There are several websites that you can visit to find inspiration and additional information. A fiesta atmosphere, good food and a lot of fun can ensure that your Mexican-themed bridal shower will be a memorable and a successful one.


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