How To Host a Super Bowl Party for Kids

Kids shouldn’t be left out when it’s Super Bowl. As is the case with adults, kids love to have Super Bowl party, too. With some creativity, you can throw a party and allow the kids to have as much fun as the adults. Here’s a guide you can follow. 

  • Distribute invites. Days before the party, make it a point to send invites to your guests. You don’t have to spend too much for the invites. Just design and print a design template from a software program. Or if you want the invites to be more personalized, you can cut out magazine pictures of Super Bowl and turn them into invites. Supply the invites with important information like the date and time of the party and the costume to wear (if costume is required).
  • Plan your menu. If you are hosting a Super Bowl party for adults, menu should not be a problem. You simply lay out a table of Buffalo wings, chips and dips, nachos, and loads of beer. But if you are hosting a party for kids, menu should be carefully prepared and thought through. The basic rule to follow here is to serve nutritious foods. Chips and sodas are out and sandwiches and juice are in. Remember that some of your guests might be following a regimented diet, so ensure the parents that your party follows through.
  • Prepare your venue. Assign a spacious room in your house as your party venue. It can be your backyard, garden, or entertainment room. Just make sure the venue is free of fragile objects because, as you know, kids get a little riotous when they party. Then, decorate the room with anything Super Bowl. For instance, hang banners and flags across the room and scatter mini footballs. Prop up sets of table and chairs as well. Keep a considerable distance between each set to give enough room for games.
  • Think of games. A Super Bowl party for kids is not complete without games. So make sure to prepare a list of games that the kids will truly enjoy. Of course, the games should also be Super Bowl-related. To encourage the kids’ participation, prepare prizes that can range from footballs to Super Bowl cards.
  • Allow the kids to see the Super Bowl game. You don’t necessarily have to play games all night. In fact, you can let the kids experience the glee of watching Super Bowl. You might be surprised that at their age, they already appreciate football and are actually rooting for teams. If there are kids who don’t seem to like watching the game, you can bring them to another part of the house and have them watch a movie or another TV show instead. Make sure, however, that the parents approve of the movie or show the kids are about to see.

The kids should have something to take home after the party, so have loot bags ready for distribution. The loot bags can contain healthy treats and toys. You can also put some sweets if you want.


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