How To Host an Alphabet Bridal Shower

Modern brides tend to be honored with modern styles of bridal showers in current and popular themes. Some like to have a simple and easy to prepare bridal shower without much fanfare. If you want to go back to old practices then hosting an alphabet bridal shower is one of those themes that you can choose. It is intended for a large gathering as there are 26 letters in the alphabet. It is a quite unique way to host a bridal shower as guests are assigned a letter each and they have to think of the gift that corresponds to the letter that they got. If you are planning to host an alphabet bridal shower here are some tips.

  • Look for a place that can hold about thirty or more people. It can be a function room in a restaurant, your community center or someone’s backyard.
  • Plan the wedding shower in advance as you have a lot of people to invite. Prepare a guest list and assign the letters of the alphabet to each one on the list. Show the guest list to the bride and check if she wants to do some letter reassignments.
  • Order the invitations or make them yourself. Take a look at to find some appropriate wordings. Look for paper stock with letters of the alphabet for decoration. If you know how to use a graphic software then you can design the invitation using undecorated cardstock. Include an RSVP with the invitation. If there are a few people who cannot make it for the wedding shower and you want to complete the letters you should check with the bride if there are other people that she wants to invite.
  • Decorate the venue appropriately. You can print out each letter in different font types and colors and use these to decorate the walls. A whiteboard decorated with magnetic letters will be a perfect backdrop for the shower. If you are hosting this in a restaurant check if they will be able to serve alphabet soup for starters. It will be fun as alphabet soups are usually served to children. Cut out the monogram of the bride from a thin piece of Styrofoam board and paint it in the bride’s wedding theme colors. Decorate the monogram with glitters. Use this to top a big floral arrangement for the centerpiece.
  • Add more fun during the shower by playing an alphabet trivia game related to weddings and each guest take turns answering and asking questions. You may have to prepare these to help the guests along and give them a trivia question that corresponds to the letter each one is holding. Instead of giving out prizes to winners, allow them to pick a letter from the box. You should only assign a few letters corresponding to the number of your prizes. You do not have to prepare too many gifts as you will only have a one or two games at the most and a few winners. The letter drawn should be the first letter of the name of the prize.
  • Consider looking for key holders with the initial of the guest’s first name as your alphabet bridal shower favor. This will be a memorable and fitting gift for this type of traditional bridal shower.

Encourage the guests to check out the wedding registry to look for applicable gifts that the bride can look forward to receive. If you have more than twenty-six guests, duplicate letters for some of the items listed in the registry.


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