How To Host an Argyle Themed Bachelorette Party

Hosting an Argyle-themed Bachelorette party is a smashing idea particularly if you like golf where Argyle patterns rule when it comes to clothing and accessories to match the iron club.

Here’s how to put together the perfect party that celebrates the last and final days Bachelorette-hood with a liberal Argyle influence.

Rent a golf course. Depending on how much money you have, you can either rent the clubhouse at a spectacular and swanky golf course or a miniature golf course that teenagers frequent for a round of evening golf. Whichever way you go depending on your budget, you absolutely must hold your Argyle party at a golfing venue.

Call a Limo Service. Oh, what absolute fun you and the girls will have once you experience being driven from the club house and from one golf course hole to another to tee off! Try this and you know it’s going to be unforgettable!

Install a Wii as an alternative. You can set up a Wii golf game at your living room if you’d rather not rent the club house at the golf course or the miniature golf course.

Prepare what’s needed.

  • Karaoke machine with a play list from John Hughes’ movies e.g. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Some Kind of Wonderful etc. – all 80’s-inspired movies where Argyle clothing was prevalent.
  • Flat-screen TV
  • DVDs of 80s-inspired movies
  • Argyle-themed party cups, plates, cutleries, decorations, accessories, and party favors.
  • Food and drinks including beer and wine
  • Open bar with Argyle flags
  • Camera

Purchase the invitations. Your guests should be able to gauge from the invitations alone that the theme is Argyles galore so right off the bat, pick invitation designs that will give the theme away. Then write down the coolest text you can conjure to make sure they all show up in their most wicked Argyle get up. You can also specify that although the theme is Argyle, they won’t be required to come bearing Argyle gifts, too! That’s just too much Argyle for one night, don’t you think?

Stock up on extra Argyle clothes and accessories. Just in case some of your guests come up a tad short of Argyle clothes and accessories, you can lend them some of the stocks you have just purchased so that no one feels left out of the party. Some examples would be ties, hats, scarves, handkerchiefs, pins, vests, gloves, and of course, socks.

Think of fun and naughty games
. This is a bachelorette party so don’t hold out on the naughty garbs and games. You can ask your girl friends to think of stripper names and call each other these names during the course of the party. One example is Pee-Pee Longstocking or Vagina Beach just to give you an idea. Think of naughty games, too! Or, you can play games from when you were kids like “spin the bottle.” The decision is yours to make.

There are a host of other ideas that you can employ to get this Argyle part off the ground but for those other ideas, you’d have to consult a party planner since there are trade secrets that cannot be given away all at once.


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