How To How to Turn your Best Friend into your Boyfriend

A best friend is a valuable commodity. Not everybody will find a best friend that will share your beliefs, your wants and, finally, your dreams. People get so close when they are best friends that they start finishing each other's sentences. Emotions run high when it comes to a relationship with a best friend. These very emotions can prove to be dangerous.

The emotion that you feel is a dangerous double-edged sword. It could be a fun and glorious experience being in love with someone already close to you, but that warm feeling can soon turn into an uncomfortable one when questions of your intentions arise.

All hope is not lost. Follow this simple guide and you can be successful in converting your best friend into your boyfriend. After all, if the feelings are real, is it not all worth it?

  1. Start with the truth. You don't have to express your love for him immediately, but that does not mean you go ahead and lie about it.  Don't hide how you feel about him. Don't act goofy and just be natural about it. Everything should fall right into place.
  2. Get to know him better. The only way you are going to be able to do this is by being around him often.  Get to know him from the inside. Learn about the things that make him tick. Find out about his dreams and goals. You probably know some of this but it doesn't hurt to dig in a little deeper, as long as you don't become too clingy. More importantly, get to know if he already has a girlfriend.
  3. Find out how he feels about you. You want to be honest with him but you need to protect yourself from too much heartache. Ask friends whether he feels the same way you do.  Read his movements. Is he showing signs of interest above and beyond friendship? Does he try to hold your hand every chance he gets. Does he smile funny when he looks at you? These subtle things tell you that he has the hots for you.
  4. Tell him. At times, the direct approach is the only way. Find a place that is private. This protects you from an embarrassing situation in public. Tell him outright how you feel. Explain things calmly and logically. Men respond to logic better than emotion even if they are emotion-driven creatures. After this, ask him how he feels. More importantly, listen to what he says.
  5. Wait. He will have one of two responses: He will either share your feelings and you live happily ever after or you may get turned down outright. Accept his decision and respect it, because you would not want to be forced into a relationship either.

Friendship is a sacred thing. Cherish the feeling of friendship and be grateful that you have a close friend you can hang out with and confide in. Adding romance to that mix can lead to problems but if it becomes a successful mix, you can have magic in your hands. This kind of relationship is what fairytales are made of.


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