How To Ignite the Fire in your Marriage

Protecting your marriage from breaking-up is important especially if you have kids. Below are steps and guides on how to ignite the fire in your marriage.

  • Talk with your spouse. Discuss probable problems. Create solutions for misunderstandings and petty quarrels before the day ends. Respect her feelings so she will respect yours. Communication is vital especially if she’s far from home. Don’t get tired explaining if you know you’re right.
  • Take her out for a date. There are precious memories in previous dating places. Tell her stories about how you first met. Ask her questions to help her reminisce funny and romantic moments in your relationships. Visit new places. Treat her once in a while.
  • A week-long vacation or holiday will both relieve you of stress. Give her three destination choices or surprise her will plane tickets. The holiday duration can settle your growing differences.
  • Buy something that she likes. Give it to her as a surprise. Leave it at her bedside or at her office. Review notes and letters, you might find neglected promises that you can now fulfill.
  • Talk about the future of your child. Your marriage is stronger if you have a child together. Talk about your child’s educational plan. It will help her see you as a responsible person. Save your complicated relationship by asking her to think about your child’s emotions if your child finds out that you both break-up.
  • Think of something that you can do together. Ask her to help you create a family scrapbook or online photo albums. Ask her to help you repaint or rearrange the house. Ask her for a dance if you both love dancing. Play games. Quality time for your partner and family is important. Spend quality time with them at least one day a week.
  • Apologize. Do it sincerely. Compensate if you broke promises or if you offended her. Give her time to think and react. Don’t stop communication but be sensitive for she might need space to ponder. Write apologetic letters in snail mail if she’s away. Handwriting is more romantic and sincere than e-mail.
  • Have more intimate moments with her. Seduce her if needed. Treat her in a romantic restaurant or prepare a romantic household dinner as a surprise. Prepare red wine and play her favorite music to ignite the night. Intimacy will break relationship tensions. However, don’t force her if she’s not in the mood. There’s a right time for everything. Set a mood gradually by asking her out continuously. Court her again like you never did before.
  • Ask her to attend religious or spiritual activities. Go to church or attend scriptural studies. Most couples solve their problems through spiritual enlightenment. You can also learn philosophies like yoga and other eastern meditation. The point here is you’ll grow spiritually together which will help your relationship mature.
  • Don’t lose hope. Let time heal wounds if you’re the reason for the conflict. You can make her love you again with will power and sincerity. Wait if you really love her. You’re blessed if she loves you sincerely. Learn from your mistakes and protect your relationship now more than ever.


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