How To Impress a Man You Like

There is that man you see everyday who just makes you swoon each time. You set up yourself to run into him each morning he comes in to work yet do not know how to strike a conversation. He could be a new acquaintance that you just want to know better or a friend for a few months you just want to date. Getting him to see you in a new light could be easy if you know what to do. Begging won’t help. Read on.

  • A man usually wants a woman who has a good personality. Someone who is likable but with a sense of mystery. Do not blab about every detail of your life to anyone you stand in line with at the cafeteria. Be kind yet do not be a pushover. A man likes someone who he can talk to and is interesting to be with.
  • Be attractive in your own way. You may not be a drop dead gorgeous girl but you can make the most of what you have. Look good each time. Wear clothes that fit and are not outdated. Wear make-up simply but elegantly. Look your best because you never know when you might actually end up catching his eye.
  • Smile at him. Who can resist a friendly smile coming from a woman. Start at this point before thinking about flirting. You want to test the waters first and attract him by getting him to know you. You want him to be impressed by you and not be impressed because he knows you are ready to go home with him in an instant.
  • If you have common friends or if you know him a bit find out what he likes. If he likes reading, then it’s time to start catching up on yours. Share that you read this particular book and ask him if he has read it. If he says, no he hasn’t then ask him what he is reading and listen to what he has to say.
  • Have a sport you feel passionate about. Remember a man is always into sports and would like a woman who participates in one. Learn about football, basketball. Just the basics and see if you like it. It could be something you can always have in common with him.
  • Be a smart conversationalist. Do not overdo it though. A man could sometimes be intimidated when he knows you are extremely intelligent. Know when is enough and when being helpless about things could work.
  • If you have started dating do not be too clingy or expect too much. This is a common mistake that women do when they like someone a lot. Being overeager could sometimes end up in a short failed relationship. Keep your cool and relax. If he wants you, he knows how to dial your phone number.

Impressing a man doesn’t take a lot of thinking. Simply put, he wants someone he would not be ashamed to be with and who will keep him on his toes. Keep it simple, be true to yourself and be interesting without being dishonest. It would surely hook and impress him to come back for more.


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