How To Impress Your Boyfriend's Mother

Every mother only wants the best for her son, so you want to make sure that you fit the template that will make your boyfriend’s mother proud. Remember to be yourself and let the real inner you naturally charm your boyfriend’s mother as you follow these tips.

  • Bring a small gift. If you are meeting your boyfriend’s mother for the first time, bring a little present to surprise her. It shouldn’t be something too extravagant; you can save those kinds of gifts for her birthday or for Christmas. Ask your boyfriend what things she likes or appreciates to get a feel of what you can get her. It could be anything like some fruits, chocolates or trinkets. This simple gesture shows that she is, like your boyfriend, a person of importance.
  • Show sincerity in your feelings for your boyfriend. Let your boyfriend’s mother know that you truly care about her son. You need not brag about how many guys you busted because you stuck with her son. You can show this through action. By being there for your boyfriend in good times and in bad, by spending ample quality time with your boyfriend and taking care of him, your boyfriend’s mother will concretely see your true motivations.
  • Be interested in your boyfriend’s mother. Try to get to know your boyfriend’s mother more by approaching her to indulge in a conversation with you. Ask her about how she is and what’s new with her. When she answers, listen with a wide ear and remember what she says. Do this with no pretense as you are bound to see her again and she will be able to tell if you were insincere.
  • Look presentable. Just because you are already her son’s boyfriend does not mean you can look sloppy, under dressed or over dressed. How you present yourself can give the wrong impression and you want anything but that. Make sure that when you meet your boyfriend’s mother, you dress up accordingly to the time and occasion. Remember to keep your hygiene in check as well.
  • Give a compliment. You can throw compliments like confetti but don’t waste it on something commonly given. Give a great compliment about your boyfriend that is attributed to a similar trait or characteristic from her. For instance, “No wonder Jason has such a good sense of humor and outlook in life, he apparently got it from his mother!”
  • Help your boyfriend’s mother out. Whether you’re visiting her or she’s visiting over, always try to see where you can take an active role in being a helpful individual. You can ask if she needs help in tidying up the house or assistance in cleaning the kitchen or even in carrying her bags. Your boyfriend’s mother will be pleased to see that her son is with a person who is mindful of others. She will experience firsthand that you are a delight and not a burden to her son.

Displaying other acts of kindness as often as possible will also create an exceptional impression of you. If and when you and your boyfriend eventually get engaged, these things that you did to impress her don’t end just because you snagged the man of your dreams. Keeping good relations and an open communication with your boyfriend’s mother as well as your boyfriend’s father will help pave a better life for you and your boyfriend now and in the future, especially if a long-term commitment lies ahead.


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