How To Improve a Toddler's Speech

Parents like you would naturally watch your child as he grows up. You will be there in every step he makes and in every word he utters. In every development stage, you will basically be your child’s teacher. You might also have to teach your child especially when it comes to speaking. But what if he starts to speak but the words are not spoken clearly? No need to worry as this is normal behavior and it happens to a lot of families. It would normally take some time before your child can speak very fluently but as parents, you would want to help encourage and give confidence to your child. Find out how to help improve a toddler’s speech through these simple steps.

  • To begin teaching your child how to improve his speaking abilities, you must first know the things you will need. Organize the following items: bedtime story books, nursery rhymes or songbook, and flash cards.
  • Reading a book or two every night is fundamental to your child’s speech development. This does not only help improve your child’s speech but it’s also a good venue for bonding with your child. There are so many things that reading can do for your child. When you read, make sure to follow the expressions or the tone of each character or event in the story in order for your child to learn how to express himself as well.
  • Sing to your child. Encourage him to join in and sing with you. Singing really helps your child remember the words to the song thus giving him confidence to sing and actually say the words.
  • Play flash card games with your child. Flash cards help your child remember the words through the pictures. If you keep doing this every day, guaranteed your child will speak every time he sees that object even if you’re not flashing cards. The key to speech improvement is to speak or say the words in a comprehensible manner. Speak really slowly and precisely while you show the picture in order for your child to understand the words thus letting him/her pick up the pronunciation fast.
  • Speech Therapy. This is the last resort if in a worst case situation. Seek help from an expert who deals with speech disorders. A speech therapist can also help determine points of improvement for your child. This can also help save you a lot of money by knowing the problem at the onset and start working on resolution from there.

A few tips to remember, keep the communication flowing in your household. Continuously talk to your child every day. Keep asking questions as this is a good way to instigate interaction between you and your child. In order to help your child retain the words that you teach him, keep repeating the words over and over until your child learns to speak it. Enunciation is also one way to improve his speech. Ensure that you pronounce the words slowly and thoroughly for your child to comprehend each syllable.


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