How To Include Two Maids of Honor in Your Wedding Party

One of the predicaments my cousin ended up having during her wedding planning stage is who to select as her maid of honor. Her best friend is instrumental to her meeting her husband and is of course, her best friend. I on the other hand am her lone female cousin, who is very much like the sister that she never had. I said it will be fine that she chose her best friend since I can just be one of the bridesmaids; nonetheless, she wouldn’t hear of it. After much thinking and research, she finally decided that both I and her best friend will be her maids of honor.

We then found out that it’s okay and it could actually be fun! If you are going through the same kind of predicament right now, fret no more! You can certainly have 2 maids of honor. In case one of them is already married, then she will be a matron of honor while the other, the maid of honor. Now, if you are wondering if you will have to give your fiancé the same predicament, the answer is no. It is not necessary for your groom to pick out two best men. What we did for my cousin’s wedding during the processional is to walk together, all three of us! The best man walked us both to our assigned places. We were the last to walk down the aisle prior to the bride. I don’t know about you, but I actually think it’s cute! It’s a way to redirect the crowd’s attention to the procession, who may be growing impatient by then.

Worried about what functions to give them? With regard to that, you can assign the other maid of honor to help you out in straightening the your veil or fluffing your train once in a while to ensure you’re picture perfect at any time. The same made of honor is responsible for safe keeping of the ring you will later on slip on your husband’s finger. The other maid of honor can take charge of holding your bouquet during the ring exchange ceremony.

Now, another thing you might be wondering would be the numbers of bridesmaids. Just a word of caution, since you’re already set in having two maids of honor, either you select 2 or more bridesmaids as well, or none at all. Try not to have just one since that’ll make your lone bridesmaid look quite out of place.

For the names in the invitation, I say, if the page is wide enough and the names of your best man and maids of honor are not that long, you can opt to print them in the same line, with the name of the best man in the middle. In case that will not be possible, then you may either list the names alphabetically or in the order that they will be entering the church or the venue during the processional.

Good luck and hope that helps!


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