How To Increase Your Sexual "Mojo"

Can Pills and Herbs Increase Your Sexual Abilities?

I get some version of this question so often that it's unbelievable... Everyone wants to know:

Is there ANY truth to the claims out there that herbs, pills, super-foods, exercises, pumps, etc. can...

  • Increase my libido?
  • Make my penis larger?
  • Make me last longer in bed?
  • In some other way to make me a big stud?

That's why I finally went ahead and wrote a Special Report on the subject... but when I get a question like this from a guy who is barely out of diapers, I realized that I've got to clear some of this up right here and now.

Check it out...


Is there any other way to purchase your book: The Secrets Of Sexual Fitness: The Facts About Foods, Exercises, And Herbs That Enhance Sexual Performance? I dont have a credit card and lately i've noticed that i just cant do it like i used to when i was 19 (23 now). I really want my mojo back. If there's another way to get my hands on your book i think it would save my life.


Save your life? Dude, relax.

You’re not over the hill... you're twenty-freakin-three! And while I’d love to sell you my book, there is nothing in there that is going to help you.

So let's talk about what might actually WORK to bring your mojo back...

  1. Fat cells secrete massive amounts of estrogen which could, theoretically, kill your mojo. Remember when I said that there was nothing in the book that could help you? Well, there's one possible exception, and I’ll give it to you for free: If you have gained a bunch of weight since you were 19, this could be the cause. 

    While there are foods and herbs that show some promise for some moderate sexual enhancement, for a guy that's only 23 and should have raging levels of testosterone, pills can't possible be the answer you are looking for.

    Here's some more free advice from the book – and despite the fact that I'm giving it away, it is actually the most important advice I can give you:

    You general health and well-being affects every system in your body, and none more strongly than your reproductive system. If you don't exercise regularly, start now. If you eat a lot fried foods and saturated fats, stop that now. Leafy greens and blueberries have most of the phytochemicals in them that those herbal supplements have, and a bunch of other healthy stuff too.

  2. Most of the pills that promise pro-sexual effects also have side effects that you might not be happy with. Yohimbe, for example, is one of the most popular of these herbs, and also one that actually has some science behind it...

    But while the effect on your mojo from yohimbine (the chemical in yohimbe) is small, the side effects are potentially very, very bad.

    In other words... not worth it.

    And I could go through the whole laundry list of the supplements out there, but bottom line: looking to pills and herbs to fix your mojo is probably just your ego's way of hiding some truth that you don't want to face...

  3. Psychological factors loom LARGE in the mojo world. Likely this is just a phase. What you don’t know yet, because you’re just a kid of 23, is that men pass through many phases of mojo in their lives.

    I had a year in my 30s where I lost interest in sex for a while and it was pretty freaky. But now in my 40s, I’m back to being as horny as a teenager. Looking back, I realize that it was also a time when I hated my job and felt under-employed and ashamed of it.

    In other words, there are a lot of things in your life that might be messing with your mojo that don't include your physical health. Any big stress in your life lately? Can it be that a college kid at 19 has less to worry about than a guy trying to make a living at a job at 23?

  4. The Number One Mojo Booster or Breaker... CONFIDENCE. Now, I'm not going to make too much of this, because I know you probably typed your email to me in a rush, and I know how hitting that shift-key can be so time consuming. But I noticed that you capitalized the first word at the beginning of sentences, but used a small "i" when referring to yourself. Is this just hip and cool? Is it a lazy finger on the keyboard? Or maybe you are a big fan of the poet e.e. cummings... Or...

    Can it be that this is a sign that your confidence isn't where it should be? Is it that you don't feel comfortable referring to yourself with a big, proud, CAPITAL "I"?

    Mojo and your ability to perform sexually are affected far more by your confidence than by anything sold in supplements.

On the other hand, if you are really worried about it, then you will have to spend more money than the cost of my book to find out the truth..

Which is by going to see an endocrinologist for some blood work. Then you’ll know for sure if your mojo problems stem from your advanced age. In the meantime, seriously, chill. There’s nothing wrong with you.

Alexander Allman is the author of The Secrets Of Sexual Fitness: The Facts About Foods, Exercises, And Herbs That Enhance Sexual Performance. Find out more by visiting his Revolutionary Sex website.

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