How To Investigate a Potential Date

You have two options when deciding to investigate a potential date - you can hire a private investigator or conduct your own do-it-yourself investigation. This article will show you how to perform your own private investigation.

Whether you've met a potential boyfriend or girlfriend online or in person - you have a right to know if what he or she has told you is the truth. It only makes sense to conduct a background check of a potential date before you decide to invest time in a relationship. You can gain a lot of information from doing your own investigation. Some of the information that you may be able to discover is your potential date's true marital status, work history and online habits. All you need is the name of your potential date to get started with the investigation.

Start with a simple search of his or her name. There are many free and low-cost people searches online to choose from. By entering the name of your potential date into one of the people search engines, a results page should come up listing the name, possible aliases, approximate age, possible relatives and known residences. This is a great starting point.

Newspaper archives are a goldmine to the person performing a do-it-yourself investigation. You should now have a list of past and present known residences of your potential date from the people search that you previously performed. Search newspaper archives in all known cities where your potential date has lived. You may be surprised to find bankruptcy filings, divorces, engagement announcements, marriage applications and arrest reports.

Most people today are part of the social networking craze. An easy and free way to investigate someone is to search every known social networking site. Don't just look at the pages of your potential date, but take the time to investigate the pages of his or her friends. It is on the friends' pages that you'll be able to examine the comments left by your potential date.

Make a list of any user IDs or e-mail addresses that you discover during your investigation. It's not uncommon for some people to use the same profile name or user ID on more than one site. You can search Google, newsgroups, blogs and dating sites for your potential date's user name(s).

You now have the necessary tools to start a do-it-yourself investigation!


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