How To Keep a Baby Safe in a Playpen

A baby must always be in safe hands. Even in a playpen, you cannot always guarantee that he will be safe all the time. However, there are some things you can do to give you an assurance that his playpen is the safest place you can leave your baby. Here, find out these tips to help you in keeping your baby safe all the time in a playpen:

  • Take a close look at the playpen. Before you leave your baby in the playpen, study the area first. See to it that there is no object within his reach that can hurt him such as curtain cords, heavy books and the like.
  • Double check the mesh netting. It is important that the mesh netting on the playpen has no tears or holes that are as big as .25 inches across or even wider. If instead of mesh netting the playpen uses wooden slats, the slats must not be more than 2.4 inches spaced out from each other. Taking note of these things will help prevent your baby's head from being caught in the walls of the playpen.
  • Check all sides of the area. The playpen's sides must all be locked into their proper places. This will help not only to keep the baby inside the playpen but also to keep him from suffocating brought by the soft area that can be created by a lowered playpen side.
  • Make a thorough inspection of the railings. Repair any kind of rip in the rail coverings of the playpen. This way, your baby will not be able to get a plastic or cloth in the coverings that he can chew or ingest. As you know, both plastic and cloth can be very harmful to your baby once ingested.
  • Tighten up all the screws. From time to time, check the screws of the playpen to ensure that all of them are tight enough. If the screws are not tight, the playpen can wobble and so the baby will not be safe inside.
  • Know the weight limit of the playpen. It is important that you do not allow your baby to be kept in a playpen that cannot support his weight. Check out the manual of the playpen and see how much it can support.
  • Let your baby play with simple and safe toys inside. Toys are not always toys. Remember that. Sometimes, they can cause danger to your baby especially when inside the playpen. This is especially true for dangling and hard toys. Dangling toys can easily be tangled around your baby while hard toys can hurt him especially if he accidentally falls on them.
  • Say no to additional bedding inside. Do not think that blankets and pillows inside the playpen are best for your baby because they are not. They can pose a risk of suffocation when being played with. Therefore, remove any blanket or pillow inside and do not even consider adding a piece or two.

The playpen must always be a safe haven for your baby. Hence, always make sure to follow these tips before you keep your baby inside. This will not only give you peace of mind all throughout but also one hundred percent safety guarantee for your baby.


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