How To Keep a Capricorn Man

Now that you’ve connected with a Capricorn man, you might be interested in keeping him. The good news is that the Capricorn man is a big fan of commitment and loyalty so if you play your cards right, he will be one you can share a future with. Of course, a great way to keep any man is by learning how to pleasure him orally - if you aren't confident of your skills in that arena, then I highly recommend you check out Blow by Blow to learn some of the finer points.

Follow these steps to keep your Capricorn man.

  1. Strive for success. The Capricorn man sets his sights on moving up the ladder of his career. Whether he is an executive on Wall Street or a plumber on Main Street, his purpose will be the same. He wants to get better and be more successful at his chosen career. This man will be most loyal to a woman he sees as an equal so that means you should have your own career path and be looking for your own success.
  2. Don’t test his loyalty. Capricorn men are looking for partnership and commitment. This is not the type of man you can play mind games with or test. If you cannot be completely faithful, you won’t be able to keep this one. If you push too hard or test him you may lose him for good. Once trust is broken, you won’t be able to regain it.
  3. Practice rational behavior. Think before you speak and act, especially if you emotions are involved. You cannot blow up or lose your temper and throw things if you expect to hold on to a Capricorn man. He will be uncomfortable by an excess of emotion and communicates best when you have a controlled and rational conversation if you are upset.
  4. Remember that he is conservative and traditional. If you aren’t interested in a traditional man who believes in defined roles for both men and women in a couple, then the Capricorn man is not for you. Once he is comfortable, the Capricorn man will always fall back to the traditional. If you want daring and complicated, then look elsewhere. You won’t be able to make this conservative be anything other than what he already is.
  5. Pay attention to his actions as well as his words. The Capricorn man may be slow to express his emotions but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel them. Notice how he takes care of you. This guy nurtures through his actions, by bringing home dinner or taking you to meet the family. Pay attention to the actions of affection. He will offer those long before the words.
  6. Commit. Partnership, loyalty and commitment are what your Capricorn is looking for in life. Be willing to commit when he is ready and you will keep this Capricorn for life.

Keeping a Capricorn man is easier than catching him in the first place. He may be conservative and slow to trust or give his love but once he does, he will be committed. For the Capricorn man, relationships are a lot like the rest of his life. He wants to be a success in all that he does, so he will strive for commitment and love as long as you are willing to meet him as an equal.


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