How To Keep a Long Term Relationship Fun

In this time and age when relationships just come and go, when all it takes is your signature on divorce papers to end the bond of your marriage, it is a wonder to know that there are still relationships that last for years and are still going strong.

Indeed, long-term relationships nowadays have become novelties, as we see couples getting married today and divorcing after a short while of living together. "Irreconcilable differences" are the two words that commonly define the end of most marriages now. The good news, however, is that there are still some relationships that truly work even after many years.

To keep a long term relationship fun requires combined efforts from husband and wife. The key elements here are love and respect. If there is love and respect between the spouses, their union is guaranteed to last long, even for a lifetime.

  • If there is love between two married persons, their union is guaranteed to last. True love is giving, sharing, caring and remembering. If these ingredients are found in a marriage, the fun in the relationship continues.
  • Respect means being considerate to each other. It is also a way of showing how you value your spouse and are sensitive to his or her needs as a person, and as a wife or husband.
  • Aside from keeping the love and respect alive in your relationship, you should both have ample time to spend together. Work may be put off and leisure time with friends may be cancelled, but bonding time between husband and wife should never be compromised.
  • Have fun doing things together, but don't be conscious of routine. Go for an unplanned trip to a flea market and find the best bargains, if you are the type of spouses who love shopping. Discover simple joys together by going fishing, picking apples in an orchard, or just sitting close together to watch the sunset.
  • To keep a long-term relationship fun, make sure to set aside one or two days a week, a weekend a month and a month a year for out of town trips. It does not have to be overseas, neither should you need to go on an expensive cruise. Driving to a nearby town or city is exciting and fun enough to fill many days of conversation and recollection as you sit together for morning coffee.
  • Physical intimacy is likewise imperative. During lazy and cold nights, you can give each other an oil massage. You may also share a bubble bath together and take turns in scrubbing each other's back. Of course sex is one vital ingredient in a long-term relationship, but after many years of being together, it may become a boring ritual. So plan a different way of fulfilling your sexual relationship. Try experimenting and discovering new ways to arouse one another.

A long-term relationship can still be fun if you work on it. If you have differences (which are inevitable), settle them as soon as you can. Don't sleep on a marital argument. And don't be so quick to flash divorce papers in front of your spouse when you are having a rough time. A relationship only lasts if you are willing to work to keep it.


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