How To Keep a Man Interested

Man and woman in love

Many relationships unfortunately reach a point where a woman may feel that her man is no longer as interested in her as he used to be. Regardless if this is actually the case or not, following some tips can ensure that it is less likely to happen and can help strengthen a weakening relationship.

The most important thing to consider when trying to keep your guy interested is to avoid being too clingy. Being too attached will only make problems worse. Guys absolutely hate when girls refuse to leave their side. Of course it is necessary to spend time together and to keep in contact with each other, but be careful not to over-do it.

Women seem to fall into the nagging trap too easily. They don't enjoy their relationship as much as they should and start to pick out all the bad things in it instead of the good. Constantly bringing up your man's mistakes and nagging at him will surely drive him away. Relax; if it's anything serious, have a talk with him instead of just automatically complaining about it, and try to see things from his point of view.

It's all about surprises. The unexpected always brings flair and fun to a relationship. Whether it is buying a sexy new outfit for him, planning a date he enjoys, or even renting his favorite movie - one of these will surely catch his attention. Not only will little surprises keep him from getting bored of you, it will greatly spike his interest in you.

Although many women don't like to face the facts, keeping a man interested does involve keeping him happy sexually. Even if your guy doesn't bring it up, if the sex in the relationship has declined even the slightest bit, he will notice. Introduce new ideas in the bedroom, even if the sex does happen often, trying new things will peak his interest.

As the relationship goes on, it will be very easy to become lazy. You'll start to feel more comfortable around your guy, and this is perfectly fine, but sometimes a guy can only take so much of a women wearing sweatpants and pony tails. Once in awhile spend as much time getting ready as you would on a first date. Men say they don't care about what girls wear, but he will definitely be interested if you put on a sexy dress instead of those worn out sweats.


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