How To Keep a Sick Kid Happy

It's hard to see your child sick and lonely.  You can at least try to make him feel better in some ways.  Read on to find out ways to help him feel happy.

  • He is at home and feels sick.  Assess the situation.  Get his temperature to find out if he has fever and how high it is.  Give him appropriate medicines if available.  Avoid giving him medicines if you are not sure of the prescriptions. 
A regular medicine for lowering the temperature is best to start with.  But continue monitoring his temperature to check for other things that might be developing.
  • Once you find out that he has fever, try to give him a warm bath, but only if he feels like it.  You could put some bubbles to add some fun.  Warm baths actually helps to drop the temperature right away, at the same time this is soothing and comforting to the child. 
If he's not up to having a warm bath, try giving him a sponge bath.  This will also comfort him and also helps to lower your child's temperature.
  • After the warm or sponge batch, put him to bed but give him something to do.  Turn on the television and allow him to watch some programs.  Take this opportunity to bond with your child.  You can get in the bed with him and watch the show together.  Just by joining him in bed it makes him feel better. 
But you can even strengthen the bonding by reading a book to him, or playing his favorite board games with him.  No matter what you do with him, just remember that what is important is your bonding.
  • Encourage your child to drink more fluids.  This also helps to lower the temperature easily.  But since he would get tired of drinking, you can try making home-made soups like chicken or mushroom soup. Just try making his favorite homemade food. 
You can also try serving him some Jell-O, which is a favorite among kids.  Give him his favorite juice.  Aside from its liquid state, juices are a great source of vitamin C that helps to bring down temperature.  You can also serve him iced tea to get him drink more liquid.
Feeding him in bed is one of the great things to do when your kid is sick.  If feeding him in bed is a little problem, try using the TV tray to make it easier.  But, it doesn't only make it easier, it also makes him feel he is special and important.  All the more, he will feel your tender loving care. 
  • It is important to try to make him get some sleep.  This will help make him feel a lot better since this will allow his body to relax and rest completely.

Being there when he is sick is one of the most important times for him.  This is one of those moments that he will really wish for you to be in his side.  Take the opportunity to show your child how much you care for him whenever he is sick.  This is one of the very few times that you can make him feel loved, special and important.  


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