How To Keep a Virgo Happy

You may have a spouse, parent, sibling, friend, or coworker with a birthdate that falls between August 22nd and September 23rd. You may also be scratching your head and wondering from time to time exactly how to keep a Virgo happy and keep you on his good side. Whatever your relationship may be with the Virgo in your life, compatibility is always a concern. While the following suggestions are quite helpful it is also important to know the characteristics and traits of this zodiac sign in order to be better equipped. The personality traits apply for either the Virgo man or woman.

  • Take Criticism - With Virgo, there is a constant drive to perfect and improve on things; this can make the Virgo very picky and finicky. His motives are very honest as Virgos are pure in heart and mind. The Virgo is constantly seeing the negative and fixable things within himself and sometimes may remark on an improvement you could possibly make to better yourself. Learn to take his suggested improvements as constructive criticism without having your feelings hurt. Taking an interest in you is Virgo’s way of showing you he cares. What you should not do in the case of constructive criticism is criticize him back; he already does enough internal criticizing and doesn’t need more.
  • Stay Organized - One characteristic of Virgo is the desire to have a place for everything and everything in its place. If you are orderly and you keep your own possessions together without creating messes he will be content. You should develop a system that he can understand. A trait of the Virgo zodiac sign is getting upset when there is disorder. If, for some reason, there happens to be disorder in his world you can make him content for a short while by simply drawing up a plan to remedy the situation, but in order to actually keep a Virgo happy you must stick to your plan.
  • Keep a Virgo Informed - Virgos absolutely adore making plans. If you want to do something with him, let him know what he can expect. You can make a Virgo quite uncomfortable by keeping him in the dark about what you will be doing during a vacation, where you may be going on the weekend, or changing around a work schedule without much notice. If your Virgo gets upset, you can simply explain what can be expected in the near future in order to calm him down.


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