How To Keep a Woman's Attention

Some men believe the key to attracting and keeping a woman's attention is to shower her with attention, gifts and the trappings of love.  While consideration, kindness and tokens of appreciation are certainly delightful treats in any relationship, there is one element that is key to keeping a woman's attention.

That element?  Be interesting.

Unless the woman you are trying to attract and keep is totally narcissistic, she is not looking for a slave, a lapdog or a coddling shadow to follow her around.  A woman of substance at this time in the history of the world is looking for a man who is vital, alive, engaged in the world and capable of bringing new and enlightening ideas into her world.

Now, the man may think he is interesting - when he is comparing himself to other men.  This could be a mistake.  A man caught up excessively in sports, nights out with the boys and spending his free time under the hood of his car is likely to be considered a "man's man."  There's nothing wrong with that - unless the man is trying to keep the attention of the woman in his life or the woman he wishes to have in his life.

An interesting man exists in a world outside of himself.  He is challenged by the work he performs, he is interested in the global scene to some extent, he seeks personal growth and improvement.  He is also extremely interested in how the woman in his life expresses her own self in relation to the world.

To keep a woman's attention, don't hold her back.  The idea of "I love you just the way you are" is outmoded and limiting.  Support, encouragement and the freedom to spread her wings will come back to benefit the man over and over.  Every woman dreams of a partner in life with the strength to live his life to the fullest and the self-confidence to allow her to do the same.

In order to keep a woman's attention, a man must meet her exactly where she is at any particular moment.  A man with ideas, dreams and ambitions is exciting to be around.  What woman could help but pay attention to a man like that?  Bring something to the party, in terms of intellect, ambition and an unquenchable interest in the world and any man will attract and keep the attention of the woman in his life.


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