How To Keep a Work Relationship Secret

If you have worked in an office, small or big, any hint of gossip travels at the speed of light. Even the people you think you can trust could put a potential target on your back. Dating in the workplace can even be more of a fire starter, whether you and your partner are in an office environment or elsewhere. Let's review some key factors on how to keep your relationship private at work.

  1. First off, work is work, not for socializing unless your position calls for it. If you are a social butterfly, then keep to topics about work. As hard as it can be at times, this is the best bet to keep your work relationship a secret. If no one knows your love life before you start dating that secret love, then you will be better able to keep that secret when you do start dating someone from work.
  2. Secondly, avoid any flirtatious mannerisms at work. People in the workplace are always watching, no matter how insignificant you think your presence is. If you see your new love at work, a smile is a nice gesture and does not seem out of the norm in the work place. Others in the work place will not think anything more of it, allowing for your love relationship at work to stay quiet and friendly.
  3. Thirdly, stay at your desk. Do not go to your partner's desk more so than you have to, use email or the phone for more privacy. If you get up from your desk and walk to your partner's desk, you risk not only getting in trouble in some places but also getting your partner in trouble as well. If you are in a relationship at work, keep it as low key as possible, this is the best way to stay under the radar.
  4. More importantly over all, do not get into any heated discussions while at work with your secret lover. This is a tell tale sign that something is going on between you and your lover at work, especially if you both seem bothered. This will cause your co-workers that do watch you both, to be curious as to why all of a sudden the smiling stopped or even perhaps over hear a heated argument in the hall way. This will also ignite gossip, and is one way your secret love relationship at work will get out.
  5. If you would like to take lunch together with your secret partner, the best bet is to go away from the office or workplace. If you can, leave at separate times, allow your secret lover to leave a few minutes before you and then meet up with them.   Stay away from any restaurants where you know other colleagues go to eat their lunch. You can even add more romance between you and your lover at work by brown bagging your lunch and going to a park close by or just sit in your car together, talking. Spending time together privately during lunch will allow you to talk about work or anything else, and keep your secret love relationship at work more private.


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