How To Keep the Romance in Your Relationship

Is your relationship getting stale?  Are you bored with the daily activities of everyday life?  Do you miss the spark that you once shared with your partner when your relationship was new?  Even if these questions do not apply, you should still read this article for important information to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Keeping romance in a relationship requires effort from both parties.  Both parties need to give.  It is OK if one gives more than the other as long as both are willing to try.

The first step in keeping romance in a relationship is communication, for several reasons.  First, your partner's opinion of romance may vary from your own.  You may think ballroom dancing is romantic, but your partner may prefer the loud thrashing of a mosh pit.  Also, you need to voice your opinion if you feel the romance is fading.  Your partner cannot make you happy if they are unaware of your feelings.  Be open, and share your feelings.  Another side of communication is listening.  If your partner brings a problem to your attention, pay attention and listen constructively.  Saying things like, "We just went to a play last week," is not helpful, especially if your partner does not find plays romantic.

Once the lines of communication are open, you can start by asking your partner what they consider romantic.  As you discuss both of your wants, you can both agree on a plan of action, or you can file away your partner's ideas in the back of your mind for spontaneous romance in the future.

As you and your partner learn more about one another, you may find your partner wants to do something you do not.  As long as the idea remains within the limits of your personal morals, you should consider your partner's desire without ridicule, even if you find it distasteful. You may find you actually like the same things as your partner without evening knowing it.  You may want to consider using a digital camera to keep your partner happy in case it is something you absolutely do not want to do again.

Other ways to keep romance alive in your relationship is to remember the little things.  Surprise your partner with flowers (or candy or some other delivery) at their work place.  Leave notes around the home reminding your partner how much they mean to you.  If both of you are really busy, schedule an appointment to have lunch together.  Rekindle old feelings by visiting the place of your first date or dancing together to "your song."

As long as both of your are creative and giving, keeping the romance alive in your relationship really is not as difficult as you might think.


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