How To Keep Toddlers Busy on a Car Trip

There are many fun things you can do to keep toddlers busy on a car trip. Here's how to help your toddler stay entertained during a road trip.

Toddlers who are naturally quieter can be kept busy with books. Toddlers who are naturally active can be given games and you can talk to them. Younger toddlers can be given stuffed animals. Older toddlers can be given video games. Coloring books are also a fun idea. There are also cards and other games that they can play. There are handheld video games for them to play also. You can watch DVDs in the car on a monitor in the headrest. You can also talk to them and show them the sights along the way. This will make it more fun for the toddler to ride in the car. There is also food to keep them entertained. You can give them cookies and candy and they will have fun. They can draw and read in the back seat to keep entertained. You can also bring toys so that they can play in the back of the car. Action figures and toy cars are some of the best toys. Headphones are also a good idea so they can listen to music in the car. Some vehicles have a separate headphone jack in the back seat area so that they can listen to their own stations. There are also small learning video games where they can learn math problems and learn how to spell and read.

Most of the games and electronics available for toddlers can be purchased online. You can also go to Toys 'R Us and other stores to purchase toys and games. There are so many good games available that the toddlers will be entertained for hours. They will no longer bother you while you are driving in the car. If your car has a TV tuner, you can watch TV while you drive. They can watch your favorite cartoons. Cartoons are also available on DVD if you are interested. Best Buy is a good store if you want to purchase DVDs.

Toddlers can also draw. You can buy them crayons and paper and they can draw different pictures in the back seat. There are also puzzle books with crossword puzzles and different puzzles that they can do. This is another fun option for them because it will pass the time. There are many different fun things for them to do in the car while you are driving. Game Boys are popular because they have so many different games that you can bring with you and have them play the games in the back seat. The Game Boy also comes with headphones so that your toddler can listen to the sounds while playing. There are also many different activity books available so the toddler can draw and complete different activities on their own. These can be purchased online or at any book store.


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