How To Keep Your Apartment Female Friendly

Single guys, listen up! Gone are the days of messy bachelor pads. Bring your date home to a fresh, female-friendly flat. Here's a guide to keep the ladies happy with your apartment.

Step 1

Get in the habit of cleaning your apartment. The first thing a woman looks at when she walks into a single guy's apartment is how clean it is. If you want to keep your apartment female friendly, you have to keep it clean. For some of this, this may be a foreign concept. But it's a habit you need to get into, nonetheless. Start with the basics by washing and putting away your dishes, keeping your floors clean, and ensuring your bathroom is clean. Yes, you will want to make your bed too, even if it just means pulling the covers straight. Women really look at the kitchen and the bathroom in a single guy's apartment, so focus on getting these two rooms in tip-top shape. Try to do a little bit of cleaning in your apartment every day and cleaning it won't seem like such a monstrous task. (Plus, a single guy who cleans really impresses the ladies!)

Step 2

Stash the bachelor stuff. Another way to make your apartment female friendly is to create an inviting atmosphere for your female guests. Start by addressing the huge collection of used and mismatched furniture you and your buddies call home on game night. Purchase some new, more mature furniture that shouts "I'm a man who's got it together". Swap out your bachelor wall hangings with framed prints. And in general, clean up the clutter. The more inviting you can make your apartment look, the better your chances are of impressing your female guests.

Step 3

Create an inviting mood. You can also make your apartment female friendly by working on the atmosphere within your home. Make sure that your apartment doesn't smell like last week's beer party. Open the windows often to air out your apartment. As well, light a few candles to create a pleasant scent throughout your apartment. Keep food in the home that you can prepare for a female guest at a moment's notice that will fill your apartment with great smells. Preparing fresh bread and even brownies together would make a great date! And always have wine and other ‘girly' drinks on hand. You never know when you'll feel inclined to invite a female back to your apartment for drinks. Improve your chances by stocking everything a woman might want in your apartment.

To impress your female date, think about what she likes and do your best to meet her desires. A clean, inviting apartment with little clutter and a great host is the best way a single guy like you can keep the women interested.


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