How To Keep Your Boyfriend on His Toes

There are two things that are a must to keep your man interested:

  1. Spontaneity
  2. Change

Never fall into the same-old, dull routine day after day. Always be ready to change things up to keep your man wondering exactly who you are. Just when he thinks he has you figured out, be ready to spring into action. What, you say, do I mean by this? I will give you a few examples below on how to never let things get boring or mundane in your relationship.

Let's say Friday night you find yourself at the same restaurant you and your boyfriend have dined at several times. You eat, you people watch, you talk a little, and you go home. Maybe things might get romantic, maybe not. A sure bet to make sure things get romantic is this little trick. When you are dressing, where a skirt or dress, doesn't have to be something over-the-top sexy, just something nice. Then, leave the underwear at home. After ordering, lean into your man, place your lips close to his ear and whisper, "I'm not wearing any panties." The statement will have even more impact when followed by a little kiss on his ear. Add a little flirting during dinner, and once you leave the restaurant, your man will not be able to keep his hands off you.

Try doing something nice for him out of the blue. A back rub, or a compliment on how sexy his hair looks will boost his ego and confidence. Guys like to be complimented, especially when it comes from their woman.

Say you are going to be out in public all day shopping, meeting with friends, or running errands together. Whisper naughty things to him throughout the day--maybe, "I can't wait to get you to myself tonight," or "I love the way your butt looks in those jeans," or "I love the way your hands--," you get the idea. This is also effective over the phone as long as you do it when you are sure not to interrupt his work or a meeting. This can be as PG or as X rated as you feel comfortable with. Find out just how explosive your evening can be after keeping his engine revved for hours.

Do you wear sexy lingerie to bed? One night, out of the blue, go to bed in a big T-Shirt--preferably one of his-- and see what happens. Do you wear your hair down most of the time? Wear it up. Your man will enjoy taking it down. Anything you change up from your "normal" routine, no matter how small, will draw your man's attention.

A candle-lit dinner is, of course, always nice, but don't under estimate what a small caress here and there, a little kiss on his neck, or even a sexy glance over your shoulder as your walking away from him can accomplish. Always keep him guessing girls, and he will never get bored.


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