How To Keep Your Wife from Leaving

Every married man questions his relationship with his wife from time to time. If you are going through a particularly rough patch, your wife may consider leaving you and getting a divorce. Naturally, you may wonder if you are doing a good job as a husband. In order to keep your wife from leaving you, here's how to follow the three L's of marriage.

  • Listen
    It is extremely important to women to have a partner who will listen. If your wife is considering leaving, you may want to take a minute and think about your role as a listener. When she speaks do you tune out? Occasionally in a marriage, it is normal to get bored with casual conversation. To keep your wife from leaving, it is vital to the relationship that you not only hear your wife but you pay attention to her. Show her you are listening by being engaged in the conversation. At a later point, bring up the things your wife said so she knows that you were truly listening to her. If your wife knows that you are willing to listen, she will realize that you do not want her to leave.
  • Laugh
    How many times have you made your wife laugh out loud? As humans, we love to laugh. We need to laugh. In order to keep your wife from leaving, find ways to bring a smile to her face. Think of how you can make her giggle or chuckle. Nothing heals the soul like a good laugh. The more you laugh together, the more you will want to be together. All thoughts your wife may have about leaving, will be thrown out the window. Silly moments are a great way to bring laughter into a relationship. Try dancing down the grocery store aisle. Consider carrying your wife to the car. That will surely brighten her day and keep her from leaving!
  • Love
    In a marriage the most important factor is love. Your wife would never think about leaving if she felt complete and total love from you. This is the time where you need to consider how you are showing your love and affection for your wife. Does she know how you feel? Do you tell her "I love you" on a regular basis? More importantly, do you show your love? To keep your wife from leaving, think about the ways you can show your love. Spending time with your wife is one of the best ways to show you care. Sometimes something as simple as a love note can show your love and keep your wife from leaving.

Considering the L's of marriage is a perfect way to get your marriage back on track and keep your wife from leaving.


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