How To Kiss a Guy: Good Kissing Tips

Follow These Steps to Create that Perfect Kiss

Couple kissing outdoors

When you find the boy you want to kiss, be sure he is ready when you are. First kisses make most people nervous, but you’ll feel better if you’re prepared. Let's get ready for that perfect moment:

  1. Prepare your hygiene. This is the first item in any guide. Make sure your breath is fresh and your body odor is at a minimum. Kissing requires getting close and a strong smell, even if it is perfume, can make him want to draw away. If you are looking for a smooch after a meal, make sure to have a breath mint first.
  2. Ready your lips. Your lips can get dry, especially in the winter or when you are dehydrated. Condition them with lip balm.
  3. Find out if he’s willing. If the boy isn’t interested, the kisses will fall flat. Flirt with him and make sure he is interested before you make your move.
  4. Try casual touching first. Holding hands is a great place to start. Boys are just as receptive to small touches as girls are. They will also help you find out if he’s as interested as you are.
  5. Lean in slowly. Gradually work up to your first kiss. Lean in slowly, but pay attention to his reaction. If he leans toward you, go the rest of the way. If he leans away, he’s not ready to lock lips.
  6. Relax. As you lean in, take a breath and then let it out. One of the most important tips is to relax and enjoy the moment. Don’t let your stomach butterflies distract you from your goal.
  7. Start slowly with a peck. Don’t try to gobble his face on the first try. Give him a light and easy peck. Meet your closed lips with his.
  8. Pay attention to his response. Even with preparation, he may be startled by your move. 
  9. Let him make the next move. Since you made the first move, let him make the next one. If he wants to pull back, let him. Watch his face. If he pulls you closer or wants to take the next step to open-mouthed kisses, give him the lead (if it is what you want). You may want to get some French kissing advice beforehand so that you're prepared if it goes this direction.
  10. Take the kiss deeper. If you both are ready for the open-mouthed kisses, then take the kiss deeper. You don’t have to progress on the first try unless you are ready. Share a few more closed-mouth pecks.
  11. Don’t go too far on the first try. Take the time to appreciate your first kiss; you'll never get to have it again. Don’t rush into French kissing on your first try if you don't feel ready. Just enjoy taking kissing one step at a time.

Remember: Kissing should be fun. The more you practice and experiment, the better you will get. Don’t waste your kisses on boys who aren’t worth it. Be sure you’re giving them to the boy who deserves them.


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