How To Kiss a Date Goodbye

You're on a first date with a new special someone. You've chatted about your careers, your childhoods, and your favorite restaurants. But something is missing. Is this person someone you can have a future with? Many people feel a first kiss says everything you need to know and will determine if a future is possible.  As the evening wraps up, the all-important question presents itself: Should you kiss your date goodbye? Filled with anticipation and expectation, the goodbye kiss can make or break a date. While the lead-up can certainly make one nervous and anxious, it doesn't have to. A plan of action can alleviate the stress of the goodbye kiss.

  1. Take note of body language. Is your date making consistent eye contact? During conversation, are they leaning in and engaged? If so, your date is having fun and is definitely interested. If there has been occasional touching of hands, shoulders, or feet, even better! Smiling, laughing, and continuous conversation are all indicators that a goodbye kiss is ahead.
  2. As the date wraps up, make sure to linger at your date's car or front door. Stay physically close. Make eye contact and smile. Even if you are shaking inside, do your best to appear calm and collected. Confidence is attractive.
  3. As you are saying goodbye, be aware that a pause in the conversation may be "the moment" you are waiting for. Don't let that moment pass you by because it can be very difficult to get back.
  4. When the right moment presents itself, make eye contact, step towards your date, lean in, and softly press your lips against your date's lips. Keep the kiss light and brief, nothing too fancy. Pull back slightly and look into your date's eyes. Smile.
  5. At this point, you can either say goodbye or you can enjoy a second kiss. If your date leans in and seems comfortable, you may be able to step up the intensity a bit. If you choose to say goodnight, walk away slowly so you don't appear to be running away. If you choose to attempt a second kiss, make sure your date is still comfortable and seems eager to continue the kiss as well!

At the end of the date (goodbye kiss included), if the experts are correct, you'll know everything you need to know about your date and any future you might have together. If you decide not to continue dating, hopefully you'll have gained some experience and knowledge to take with you as you pursue other relationships. However, if that goodbye kiss lights a spark, it may be the start of something wonderful and exciting. That goodbye kiss may be the first day of the rest of your life.


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