How To Kiss a Girl

Kissing is a perfectly natural act. It is perfectly normal that you would want to kiss somebody. It is how we are built. We want our lips to touch the lips of the ones we like or if I might be bold enough to say it, the ones we love.

A kiss is the most intimate thing you will ever experience. Some might even say that a kiss is even more intimate than sex but I don’t have any particular opinion on that. All I know is that it is one of the most pleasurable experiences you will ever have with a woman.

But, how exactly are you supposed to do it? With this simple guide, you will be lip locking in no time. Follow these simple steps and be on your way to the most awesome kissing experience ever.

  1. Be prepared. When you want to kiss and be kissed, it helps to be kissable. Nobody wants to kiss dry, chapped lips. So dab on some lip balm to make you lips soft and smooth.  Your breath plays a big role in your kissing as well. Remember that nobody likes the taste of second-hand onions.  Brush your teeth if you can, but not everybody carries a toothbrush in their back pocket. Carry breath mints for kissing emergencies instead.  Drink lots of water, too. This washes down your mouth and rids it of food stuck in it. Other drinks can make your breath smell worse.
  2. Try it out.  You can test the waters at first by dipping your toe in before you dive in.  Look for subtle signals that she wants you to kiss her. You can see it in her actions. Does she constantly break the touch barrier? Do you feel the constant sexual tension between you? If you feel that there is a connection, move closer and closer.
  3. Wait for it, then pounce like a tiger.  Rushing it can ruin the mood.  Feel it through and you will know when the right time is there. Try to find the perfect place. Some place private where no one could suddenly interrupt.  Not too bright that it ruins the mood but not too dark to feel like you may get mugged at any second. Then when the mood is set and timing is just right, it is time to pounce. Start by romantically touching her face. Look into her eyes and move closer. You have to glide into her gracefully. Don’t make it look like you are in a hurry, but not too slow that you make her wait too much.
  4. The kiss is the focus of the night. It is all about the kiss. The kiss alone should make your day. If it goes any further, then you are lucky, but the kiss should be reward enough. Kiss softly and open your mouth just slightly. Don’t go all in with your tongue--just dart it out teasingly.

Once you get the kiss over with, you can move on to other activities but relish in the activity.  A kiss should bring you and your girl closer. If you achieve this closeness, then the purpose of the kiss has been fulfilled.


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you forgot to mention not to kiss on the first date :)

By Anonymous