How To Kiss a Girl and Leave Her Wanting More

A kiss is something you share with someone you really like. Though others just kiss for fun and some because they just feel like kissing, it’s still different when you like the one you’re kissing. The moment is more special and worth remembering. Whether it’s you’re first time to go out with the girl or you’ve been dating for a while, a kiss is definitely something you want to share with her. Before you kiss the girl, you need to make sure that she likes to be kissed by you. Once you’re sure then you can go on and kiss her.

There are different ways on how kiss a girl and leave her wanting for more.

  • Tell her that she looks great so that you can set a positive mood. Engage in a fun conversation so that she will feel at ease. While talking, slightly touch her arms and hands. If she doesn’t mind then go on with the conversation and move a bit closer to her.
  • Start caressing her hair. You will see if she likes it or not. If she does then that’s a good sign. Look at her eyes to make eye contact. This will let her feel that all your attention is on her. Make sure that she looks at you on the eyes as well. Once you’re sure that she’s looking at you, stare at her lips to give her the impression that you would like to kiss her.
  • You can ask the girl if you can kiss her. Most girls would like to be asked. However, if she’s still responding positively on the moves that you are doing, it’s okay to go on without asking her. Lean closer to her so that your lips are next to each other.
  • Slowly touch your lips on hers to give her a gentle kiss. Do not rush because girls want to take it slow at first and make it more intense afterward. Plant kisses on her ears and neck then go back to her lips.
  • While kissing her, touch her on her legs and arms. This will give her a certain kind of sensation and would want her to kiss you even deeper.
  • Rub her back and caress her hair. As your kiss gets more intense, hold her on her cheeks and explore her mouth with your tongue. Hug her on one hand while the other hand is still touching her in her legs, arms, back and hair.
  • Lean backwards so that she will lean towards you and she will be almost on top of you. Pull her head toward you to deepen the kiss.
  • Once you feel that she is totally into your deep kisses, be the first one to stop and pull your head. Don’t forget to tell her that she’s great and that her lips taste so sweet.

Since she’s already hooked with your kisses, she will definitely be asking for more. Make sure that your breath is fresh before kissing a girl. You can chew a gum or carry a mouth wash with you which you can use anywhere. Your lips should not be dry. You can use a lip balm to prevent chopped and dry lips. If there’s strawberry or chocolate, you can eat these before kissing the girl to add a taste of sweetness and for your breath to smell good.


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