How To Kiss in a Car

Now that you have a car, are you looking to get some action on your next date? Before you jump into hot and heavy making out, you need to know that there are some obstacles to kissing in a car. Follow these steps and you can overcome the obstacles and make your in-vehicle kisses as good as any kiss you've ever had.

  1. Park the car. Don't try kissing in a car until the car is in park and turned off. Skipping this step can be hazardous to your health.
  2. Release your seatbelt. This is another step you don't want to skip.
  3. Couple kissing in the carGet her attention. The problem with first kisses in a car is that you are both facing forward and away from each other. Add the dark of nighttime and it becomes difficult to read the face and intention of the girl you want to kiss. Get her attention to focus on you by holding her hand, talking softly to her or putting your arm around her.
  4. Shift from the hips. You could try to just turn your head or turn your shoulders to face the girl in the passenger seat but you will find this uncomfortable. The strain to your back and neck will distract you from the kiss. Instead, shift from your hips to turn your entire body to face the girl within the confines of the car. This way you might only have to shift a few inches but you can face and focus on the girl completely.
  5. Face your partner. Now that you have shifted you can face your partner. If she has also shifted in your direction you now have her attention. You also have better access to hold her hips or her face when you lean in for the kiss.
  6. Lean across the console. Most cars have a console or gear shift in between the front two seats. You can get around this barrier by simply sitting as close to the console and leaning across it.
  7. Try a soft touch. You might remember from other kisses outside the car that you don't need to just jump into the locking of lips. Instead, approach the kiss with a soft touch, place your hands on her hips or brush your knuckles across her cheek. This touch keeps the girl focused on you and helps her lean your way.
  8. Let your lips meet hers. Place your lips against hers and take the first kiss. Now that you have the positioning down, you can kiss like you would anywhere else.
  9. Vary your technique. Remember that kissing can get stale if you get stuck in a routine. Keep your kisses enjoyable and fun by varying your technique. You will learn very fast that the car cannot hinder kissing.

Once you have a car, be able to kiss in that car becomes the next step for most guys. If you are one of those guys then you're in luck because if you follow these steps you can kiss in the car with no awkwardness or discomfort.


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