How To Kiss Someone Passionately

So you did everything well. That rose you brought to her doorstep was a good way to create an impression and your choice of a romantic restaurant was impeccable. What really blew her mind was that last minute gift you gave as you were dropping her off.

That was a picture of dating excellence. In fact, you have done so well that it has merited you a trip to the Promised Land as she invites you in for some cocktails. Wow! This would be perfect if you only knew how to kiss someone passionately. Well, we can help you with that.

Follow this simple guide and you can kiss someone passionately. Soon enough, you can have her eating from the palm of your hand. Who knows? It could even lead to something bigger.

  1. Prepare for the deed. The first thing you do when you get invited in is to ask to go to the bathroom. It is not necessarily to take a pee but if you have to go, you might as well do it now. Nothing breaks a moment like needing to pee at an inopportune time. The real reason you excuse yourself and go to bathroom is to make sure you are ready for some deep passionate kissing.  Chew on a breath mint (or toothpaste if that is all that is available) and when your mouth is fresh, spit it out. You can also gargle some water to wash away some of the food in your mouth. When you are nice and fresh, you can proceed to the next step.
  2. Build your confidence. Without confidence, there is no way you can pull off a passionate kiss. While you are in the bathroom, give yourself a short pep talk. Once you are ready to kiss, decide to go through with it and act upon your decision. When the moment is right, then you should make your move. Be decisive, because women don’t like it when you are iffy when it comes to passionate kissing.
  3. Start slow and simple. Start with a simple kiss and try to build on the momentum. To ensure a successful kiss, you will have to begin by making sure your lips are soft and kissable. Apply a little lip balm while you are in the bathroom. You can also ask for a glass of water to rehydrate yourself and rejuvenate your lips.  As you approach for the kiss, tilt your head slightly to the opposite direction of where her head is tilted. Press your lips softly onto hers to avoid the bumping of teeth.
  4. Add fuel to the fire. As things get more intense, open your mouth a little further. As you do this, continue to vary the rhythm of your kiss. Speed up and kiss more, then slow it down a little bit to generate excitement again. You could also go to French kissing to add a little bit more excitement. Start by darting out your tongue. Don’t do it like a snake because that will just creep her out. Do it slowly and see if she reciprocates. If she does, then you can investigate her mouth with you tongue even further.
  5. Let the rest of your bodies join in the fun. After kissing her on the lips, you might be well served to do some necking. Kiss her at the bottom of her jaw, just below the ear.  At the same time, let your hands roam. Start by caressing her back as you hug her tight. Then slowly move your hands towards her arm and hopefully you can get to second base. You can also try stroking her hair and feeling out the rest of her body.

Getting to kiss someone you like passionately is reward enough but there are rewards to this that people fail to consider. This could lead to something more than just a kiss. If that is the case, remember to be safe and have fun while ensuring she does, too.


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