How To Kiss the First Time You Meet a Girl

Most men are unsure how to initiate the first kiss. Before you can kiss a girl you need to find out if she is ready to kiss you.

 There are a few tests you can use to find out if she is ready to establish a romantic and sexual relationship with you:

  1. Look into her eyes and gently stroke her hair or run your fingers through her hair.
  2. Hold her hands and gently squeeze them.
  3. Brush her arm.

If she responds positively to two of the three then she is ready to be kissed. She does not have to return the favor or participate to show compliance. As long as she does not raise an objection, walk away or discourage touching her, you can safely conclude that she is ready to be kissed.

At this point:

  1. Take a step towards her or slowly pull her towards you.
  2. Look into her eyes.
  3. Slowly lean forward and gently kiss her on the lips.

It is always better to give her a quick peck first, then go for a longer kiss.

You do not have to pull back and return for the longer kiss. You can stay in the kiss position after the peck and go back for a longer kiss if she does not pull back. Though you can always pull back and return again for the kiss.

Once in a while the girl may get surprised that you tried to kiss her. She may even pull back at that point. This does not, necessarily, mean that she does not want to get romantically involved with you. Neither does it mean that she does not want to be kissed by you.

It's just that she was not prepared for the kiss or she did not see it coming. I call it a "shock factor". Sometimes we do not send strong or clear signals that we desire a sexual/romantic relationship with the girl. Hence the girl is either confused or not expecting a kiss.

If you do the above three tests, it will reduce the chances of a girl not knowing your intentions.

If the girl pulls back but does not protest or vocalize her objection to your kiss, then it is a good sign. If she does not walk away and continue to participate in the conversation, then you can assume she was not ready for the kiss earlier.

Test it again by looking in her eyes, stroking her hair and brushing her arms. If she missed these signals the first time, she surely will notice them this time.

If she still does not object to any of your touches, you can go in for the kiss again. You will succeed in kissing her this time.

Here are a few extra tips:

  • Make sure your breath smells good. Have a piece of gum before you go for the kiss, but make sure to spit it out before you kiss.
  • Don't freak the girl out by saying "I love you" right after the kiss. It is too soon to say these words.
  • Shave your face if you plan to go for the kiss. You don't want to scratch her face.
  • Try to kiss her in private and not in front of her friends when you kiss her for the first time.
  • Don't get upset if she rejects you. Don't try to convince her or argue with her.
  • You can make things a bit more romantic by holding her hands or hold her on the hips when kissing.
  • Whisper something in her ears and go back for another kiss. Make it a long one this time. She will surely enjoy it.
  • Try playing with her hair. Most girls love it.
  • Try not to wait for the end of the night or for the goodbye moment to initiate the first kiss. It is too clichéd.
  • Act normal after you kiss her. Make sure not to make things awkward or go into silence, so continue talking.

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