How To Know a Guy is Flirting

The secret language of guys can make it quite difficult to discern when a guy likes you or not. You have to read between the lines and take note of body language signals. If you know what to watch out for, you’ll be able to tell if a guy is flirting with you.

He makes eye contact with you. This is one of the first things you will notice. If a guy likes you, he’ll keep looking your way. If you’re too shy to see if he’s checking you out, ask one of your girlfriends to check for you. If you change positions and he tries to crane his neck to see where you are, chances are, he thinks you’re interesting. Go ahead and look his way too. If you like what you see, acknowledge him with a slight nod and an easy smile.

He smiles at you. When you see each other across the room and he smiles at you, chances are, he’s interested. Smile back. Even if you don’t like his looks, he may still be a friend in the works.

He starts to preen. When he looks your way, does he start tugging on his shirt collar, adjusting his tie or rubbing the front of his shirt? When guys are on the hunt, they want to make sure they look their best. If he starts hooking his thumbs on his belt loops or starts to swagger towards you, he’s flirting. He may try to face you with his good side and try to puff out his chest or stand a little bit taller.

He pays a lot of attention to you. Does he try to get you a drink? Does he try to sit next to you or in front of you? When you change seats, does he follow you? Does he ask you to dance? Does he get your phone number? If a guy’s flirting with you, he’ll make you feel like you’re the most interesting person in the room and no one else is worth his time. It’s all part of the charm.

He tries to touch you. When he hands you your drink, do you feel his fingers try to brush against yours ever so slightly? When he tells you a story, does he lean forward and try to touch your shoulder, hand or arm? If a guy tries to flirt with you, he’ll try to see how far he can push the physical boundaries. It’s his way of connecting with you and to see how you’ll respond. If you let him and you give the right signals, you may be holding hands by the time the evening is through.

He jokes around with you. He’ll try to impress you with his wit and humor if he likes you. You’ll notice he can’t seem to sit still but he’ll just want to smile at you, look upon your face and try to make conversation about anything.

If he doesn’t leave your side and tries all kinds of things to get your attention, he’s definitely interested and flirting with you. However, be mindful of his reputation. If you know he does this on a regular basis with all the pretty girls, you may want to reconsider spending time with a flirt. Otherwise, you’ll spend your relationship watching him do the same thing with every other girl that passes by.


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